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It’s National Voting Registration Day today*. The name is pretty explanatory and if you haven’t already signed up to vote in this year’s incredibly unpredictable general election then you can now do so online, which finally caters for our sedentary, apathetic online lives. I’m pleased there’s a push to get people to vote and I’m […]

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I’ve been thinking a lot about the events of the last week in Britain. Well the Woolwich murder and aftermath in particular though I did spend quite some time dwelling on the sad death of a zoo keeper by a tiger. This story has put an end to my overly hopeful dreams of one day […]

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We have 5 tubes of toothpaste in our bathroom. Our flat is hugely lacking in decent food, we’re nearly out of shower gel, and its definitely lacking in cash. However, need some toothpaste? We have a veritable fuckton of the white stuff. I’m not sure how we’ve collated so much gnashed cleansing product – one […]

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