Labour, Curry & Monkeyshine

So, er, there was meant to be a blog yesterday. I was going to type up about my weekend in the West County, the incredible high tea I had at Bath Bun in Bath, and many many other exciting tales from the Douieb’s travels. But, er, then I had an all you can eat curry buffet lunch, came home and fell asleep for about 3 and a half hours then spent the rest of the day either in bed, or making very short journeys away from the bed to gain what was necessary to have whilst in bed. I am rarely that lazy but I was so drunk on food such things were impossible. Words couldn’t come out of a mouth so crammed full of panir, and they definitely couldn’t be typed with fingers filled to the brim with dhal. I don’t like eating that much anymore. I used to very happily continue to pack my gullet until I’d have to hold my head back just to keep food down, and now it just doesn’t appeal in the same way. Nor can I eat as much as I used to. As a teenager I’d easily chow down 3-4 plates of an ‘all-you-can-eat’ buffet with ease and now I can’t at all. Sure I was ‘growing’ then, but anyone who knows me knows that ‘growing’ never really happened in my instance and so this can’t be true. Instead I’ve started to find the idea of an ‘all-you-can-eat’ buffet a tad oppressive. There are lots of things I can eat, but don’t want to. Like play-doh. Or grass. Or cotton wool. I don’t want to eat that though. An ‘all-you-want-to-eat’ buffet would be less pressurised. If you want to eat 5 plates, then please do. If you want to just eat two and not feel like a failure of eating, then also go nuts. See? Much nicer.


Right, some other thoughts:



I’m sure I’ll have loads to type about this over the next few days, but within a couple of hours of them announcing the MP’s were on their way there, I found things to annoy me. Milliband’s promise that he’ll lower tuition fees seems good at first, but then by stating that graduates who earn over £65k will pay more back, seems to ruin it. Oh don’t get me wrong, you’ll know I’m a big fan of the idea that if you earn more, you should put more back into your country, but if you work hard through university and manage to get a well paid job out of it, it seems wrong that you have to pay for fees of others who don’t. Sure they should have to pay more tax but as an ex-Drama student who makes a measly amount having chosen to go down the entertainment path, it feels unfair that some maths student would suffer for my choices in life. I don’t know a solution, but the whole thing seems a bit iffy. Not least cos we drama students get enough grief about our lack of work, constant lie-ins and general non-Degree anyway. If I could put a winky smiley face here without hating myself, I would do. I just hate that the ones that pay for education are those that strive to do it rather than the banking systems or government who should subsidise its country’s citizens becoming a benefit to the nation and possibly other nations. I’ll fall off my high horse about now. Promise.

Saying that Ed Balls speech today has had some good points. But only some. Its great he’s finally provided some ideas of how Labour would tackle the deficit if they were in power. Cutting VAT and bringing in a tax of banker’s bonuses. I’m not entirely sure however of his views that the public sector strike has been prompted by the Tories to divert attention away from the economic situation. I’m fairly sure people are going on strike because of the economic situation. Still, I’m sure more holes will appear over the next few days and we’ll continue to realise that despite Labour being our only chance of getting rid of the Conservatives, its really not going to make all that much difference.



Have you ever wanted to hear the slightly embarrassing stand-up I used to do at University before I ever entered the comedy circuit? No? Oh well I don’t blame you. You’d have to be some sort of masochist. Still though, when combined with the fact you get to hear early stand-up from Jimmy McGhie, Laura Lexx and members of the Noise Next Door, all of whom are also Kent Alumi, and the proceeds go to Comic Relief, then its probably worth buying one of these, no?