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So look, this blog should probably have ‘Advertisement’ written across the top of it so you can distinguish it from my other blogs where I fail to promote myself due to a lack of anything anyone might want to buy. But I thought as well as shamelessly selling things, I thought I’d explain some things […]

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I’ve always thought there are exactly enough hours in a day. This view is mostly based on the fact that a day is constructed of 24 hours (excluding leap days) and so if we were to start adding hours willy-nilly to it, it’d get fairly confusing. Meeting people would be difficult, watch and clock manufacturers […]

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It’s the third night of my 15 date, self booked, self promoted UK tour tonight. So far, it’s been very nice. That’s nice in a good way, not in a ‘not great’ or ‘biscuit’ way. Audiences have been reasonable in size and excellent in, er, being. They have been receptive to me waffling on about […]

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I don’t know if you know, or you’ve missed the bazillion tweets, Facebook posts or general shouts I’ve done about it in the street, but I’m doing a very small tour in just a few weeks. I have, no doubt, already bored a lot of very patient followers and, er likers (is that the term […]

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