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This is less a blog post, and more and advert for assistance. I just thought it was better to put it here rather than in the window of my local shop where less people would see it and chances are super evil Chris Moyles* man from the garage or the man who’s always at the […]

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Merry Christmas everyone! Yes, even you! No, don’t turn around. There’s no one behind you. You, I mean you. Merry Christmas, festive greetings, Merry Xmas, Marry Crispmass (this is illegal in some states in the US so be careful) and Happity Chrimbo or whatever else it is that nobheads say. Of course I’m not properly […]

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It’s taken far too long to get home today and once again, now here, I have an hour before trekking off again to do another gig. No peace for the wicked as they say, which I suppose is fair, as if you’re wicked you probably want to incite wars anyway. No peace for the peace […]

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