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This afternoon I watched as a man in a car nearly reversed over a woman crossing the road. This is not an irregular occurance as I find, ever turning into my dad, that people are increasingly shit at driving. I seem to remember the test to get your licence involving a computer game that didn’t […]

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It’s taken far too long to get home today and once again, now here, I have an hour before trekking off again to do another gig. No peace for the wicked as they say, which I suppose is fair, as if you’re wicked you probably want to incite wars anyway. No peace for the peace […]

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DALE FARM I’m not going to get into the whole ethics of the Dale Farm situation as I feel its a bit beyond my understanding what with them owning half the land and the eviction being illegal and several other facts all mumbled jumbled up in the middle. What I don’t get though is that […]

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