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Its bad enough that I had a casting yesterday that was the opposite of fun – having to try out opposite a man who it appeared had never heard of the concept of acting, let along reading or learning lines or in fact operating on any kind of normal human level. Like a large bearded […]

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STAGGERED I’m not sure what sort of a blog this will be today. After a weekend on my best friend’s stag do, my brain isn’t quite in top form. Today is mostly for gathering back together the strands of reality and life where I’m not roaming around with 9 other men wondering how best to […]

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I’m off on my best mate’s stag do today. Mat being my best mate means I am his best man and ultimately the mantle has fallen on me to have organised these next two days of stag action. And it is a mantle, possibly more so for me than others. I don’t mean to sound […]

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