Taxing Thoughts March 21st, 2014

I’m not an economist. Anyone that’s ever seen my bank balance will know that. I have always been a bigger fan of spending money rather than saving and investing it, and nor have I ever been that wise in what to spend it on either. Hence why my flat is filled with graphic novels and […]

Niche Tourism February 18th, 2014

I’m currently somewhere on the outskirts of Brussels, upstairs in a house owned by Xavier’s mum. Xavier is a promoter I’ve only just met, and seems very nice. I haven’t met his mum yet, but I’m in her house and soon I’ll be sharing a room with someone else I’ve not met before. In two […]

Life Affirming Theft July 4th, 2013

On Tuesday I had my phone snatched. Some oik – and that is the correct term due to age, size and general facial expression – on a push bike appeared out of nowhere, and all I saw was his hand grab my tPhone out of my hand and cycle off with it. His friend followed […]