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This week’s excuse for not blogging comes from the fact that at 5am tomorrow I leave for Denmark. Well I say I, but I mean Tiernan Douibe, the person who’s names on my boarding pass. I’d like to be able to change that but I didn’t book the flights and it would cost £110 to […]

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Surely as technology progresses it should become easier and easier to use? Long gone are the days where to use a computer, 14 men had to lug an entire machine into a building only for a scientist type to press 67 buttons, wait seven days and then see that the mechanical beast has only managed […]

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This is a bad week for blogs I’m afraid. After a cop out blog yesterday, it not only appears there won’t be a moment to blog tomorrow and, even worse, today’s have very little to muse over. Normally by this point in the week I’ll have been so riled up with something or other – […]

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This has just been posted on my Twitter feed: BBC Dropping Climate Change Episode Abroad To Help Sales   Have a read, get angry, generally sigh about the world. This is another notch on the bedpost that I will use to beat up any scavengers with when the Earth resembles Cormac McCarthy’s The Road due […]

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Man, I love Frozen Planet. Its a testament to both David Attenborough and also to the animals of the Northern and Southern hemispheres that an hour of viewing such antics (arctics?) is far more enjoyable than any other tosh that’s on our screens. Sure you can stick 10 twits in a house and film them […]

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