Nothing But Mammals

This has just been posted on my Twitter feed:

BBC Dropping Climate Change Episode Abroad To Help Sales


Have a read, get angry, generally sigh about the world. This is another notch on the bedpost that I will use to beat up any scavengers with when the Earth resembles Cormac McCarthy’s The Road due to human greed. Maybe people have been like this for hundreds of years? I’m not sure, but lately it seems that every day or so there is something else to make me just wonder what it would be like if I went to live with animals instead. It has been hammered into human consciousness that we are far better than animals on regular occasion throughout our history, and yes, in some areas we totally are. Do animals make computer games? Nope. Can they cure diseases? Nope. Can they make cocktails? Nope. In those areas we, as human beans, totally rock the kasbar. But then you also look at whether animals have ever totally fucked over the entire planet on a day to day basis entirely for their own benefit? Sure those cow farts aren’t helping the ozone any much, but I can’t imagine they know the consequences of dispersing gas and removing feelings of bloatedness, nor can I work out what benefit they gain from doing so. Though I bet it is funny.

I’m sure there are some examples of animals dicking on each other for gain, but its probably just to gain some extra twigs for their nest or an extra banana and while that one monkey/parakeet/crocodile may get a bit trod on, it wouldn’t effect all animal rights ever. I’m just saying. No animal has set up a capitalist system whereby its more important to invest in brand new weapons that will destroy and maim others and the terrain of the landscape just to pocket some extra peanuts, have they? No animal intends to ruin the entire veterinary system so only the most exotic species could get their yearly jabs while more common woodland species die due to not having enough acorns in the bank. Hmm, this analogy is shit, but you get what I mean.

Take the Frozen Planet story. Its David Attenborough’s program. Attenborough cares lots about the planet. We, as an intelligent species should educate the world in what we learn and ways to save ourselves and this planet. But because some global warming sceptics are quite outspoken in the states, the BBC wants to make sure they earn the money from the series and so will scrap the episode that could teach more people to stop ensuring that in 100 years time all our kids will have to go live on Mars. So when, in the development of our species, did it become more of a priority to earn rather than educate? To destroy rather than heal purely for profit? To willingly let others suffer so you can have a moat? To be fair, I really want a moat.

I think they should screen all of Frozen Planet in the States and just let its viewers learn something for once. If they want to challenge the man that is David Attenborough then I think they they very quickly deserve to be fired into the sun. And yes, I know I would choose to harm them rather than heal but I think it would only profit the planet and that, as far as I’m concerned, is ok. Otherwise, as I have learnt from Frozen Planet, I may go choose to live with penguins as they seem far more reasonable as a species. Fact.