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Tomorrow I’m taking part in Mark Watson’s 27 Hour Show for Comic Relief. I keep telling people I’m not sure why I’m doing such a ridiculous thing, fully aware that taking part in an event for that long without sleep or rest is hard enough without the added troubles of doing ridiculous challenges throughout. I […]

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Yesterday, while sitting in a Pret in central London – because that’s the kind of life I have – I read the news story about the alleged Prince Andrew scandal. After munching on my kale crisps – because that’s the kind of life I have – I came up with this: I didn't think Prince […]

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Much like a discontinued bus service, successful castings for me tend to not come at all most of the time, while I’m left standing there ignoring the ‘no longer in use’ sign. However like the ever brilliant 134 bus service from Finchley to Tottenham Court Road (and it is brilliant) last week, three came all […]

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