Tiernan Douieb releases stand-up special March 11th, 2015

Comedian Tiernan Douieb has released his first stand-up special online. This Isn’t For You is a show about the internet being too loud, politics, spiders and Icelandic noises. Douieb first performed material from This Isn’t For You on his debut stand-up tour last year before he honed the show at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe. The special, which […]

Tiernan Douieb: Read Something August 15th, 2014

Tiernan Douieb’s enthusiastic energy and affable disposition immediately engages the audience as soon as he takes the stage. He likens his show to getting aboard the “Tiernan train” and at the pace he delivers his material, this is an appropriate analogy. Read Something is a show about opinions. At thirty-three, Douieb has come to realize […]

Edinburgh Fringe Interview – Tiernan Douieb July 27th, 2014

Who the hell are you and what business do you have in Edinburgh? I’m Tiernan of the clan Douieb and I must shout at people in a room for an hour otherwise I do it elsewhere and get given an anti-social behaviour order. Probably. You’ve done the Fringe a few times now, is there a […]

3 Minute Interview July 24th, 2014

“An hour of me shouting ill thought through opinions about how irritated I am at people shouting their ill thought through opinions at people.” Why did you choose to perform as part of PBH Free Fringe? “It seems the only sensible option for performing at the Fringe anymore. Last solo show I did in Edinburgh […]

Tiernan Douieb gets political January 20th, 2014

What do you think about opinions? Tiernan Douieb admits he isn’t sure, even though everyone else is keen to shout theirs at him. Tiernan Douieb has been doing stand-up for a little while now. Most people will tell you he’s one of the UK’s top comperes (our friends at the British Comedy Guide describe him […]