EdFringe 2015: Epilogue August 31st, 2015

I’m at home, in my PJs, after having slept in a bed that wasn’t just a thinly designed cover for a bag of springs, and having eaten food with vitamins in it. I am the sort of tired you can only have after performing nearly every day for 3 and a bit weeks straight. I […]

Fringe Benefits Pt 2 August 27th, 2015

It’s now only 3 sleeps till I’m allowed to go home and I thought I’d write an update to THIS BLOG as some people seemed concerned that I was a bit miserable. Fear not all three people that read this, I’m really honestly not. It is hard to get the Douieb down, and I can […]

Fringe Benefits? August 25th, 2015

Tonight at the fringe I saw one of the comedians whose material I’ve enjoyed for years, do one of the best and most well constructed stand-up shows I’ve seen at this fringe. Afterwards he told me that he’d had the lowest audiences numbers this year than ever before. He’s not on telly. He probably won’t […]

Fringed August 25th, 2014

Warning: Non comedy goers, this may be the most boring blog you’ll ever read. Sorry about that. Less a musing on life and more an essay on the Edinburgh Fringe with no real conclusion.   Another Edinburgh Fringe over with, another Comedy Year closed. Having cheated this year with only half a run, and only […]