icon-youtube_logoHere’s some of me in futuristic moving images – or even videos, if you will.
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First of all, here’s a trailer for my new full-length standup show, ‘Miserably Happy’ as well as trailers for the previous two, ‘The World Is Full Of Idiots…’ and ‘This Isn’t For You’. You can buy and download them all by clicking here…


Below is my current showreel & clips of standup & other bits & pieces I’ve been involved in.

Fatherhood, Brexit and more
I recorded a vid about our new PM with the excellent Double Down News
Tiernan Douieb - Miserably Happy - Trailer
Tiernan Douieb - British Values
The World Is Full Of Idiots, Let's Live In Space - Trailer
Tiernan's Current Showreel
The Slammer - 'Rubbish Art'
Standup - 'Gay Marriage'
Standup - 'Question Time'