Tiernan Douieb releases stand-up special

Tiernan Douieb releases stand-up special

Comedian Tiernan Douieb has released his first stand-up special online.

This Isn’t For You is a show about the internet being too loud, politics, spiders and Icelandic noises.

Douieb first performed material from This Isn’t For You on his debut stand-up tour last year before he honed the show at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe. The special, which is available to buy or rent, was recorded in London in November.

Tiernan says: “Back in 2013, before writing this show, I had a genuine panic about stand-up.

“I was doing shows I didn’t want to be doing, bleating out material I loathed to audiences I couldn’t connect with and generally felt miserable about making people happy.

“Without going all self help guru on you, it took leaving my agent, cancelling all those gigs and booking in a tour for myself to do material I wanted to, to finally kickstart my love for the job I’m so lucky to have.

“Hopefully we’ve made the special cheap enough for anyone to buy, and if you do, and enjoy it, please spread the word.

“I’m far less interested in earning from it, than making sure I can still go out and shout comedy at your faces with material I want to write, in years to come.

“I’m genuinely proud of this, and it isn’t often I can honestly say that about anything. And I’ve lost weight since it was filmed so it’s a double whammy of joy when watching it.

“Feel free to point that last bit out to me lots whenever you see me.”

This Isn’t For You is available to buy for £1.99 or rent for £1.49.

For more details, see Tiernan Douieb’s website.