Tiernan Douieb: Read Something ★★★★

Tiernan Douieb: Read Something

Tiernan Douieb’s enthusiastic energy and affable disposition immediately engages the audience as soon as he takes the stage. He likens his show to getting aboard the “Tiernan train” and at the pace he delivers his material, this is an appropriate analogy.

Read Something is a show about opinions. At thirty-three, Douieb has come to realize that the older he gets, the less sure he is about the many opinions he has about everything. In a world that is becoming increasingly noisy as we are constantly being bombarded by information, he has come to this conclusion: people ruin everything.

Douieb believes the secret of comedy is to ensure the material is relatable. He has taken care to make his show as inclusive as possible. Known personalities and current affair stories are weaved in in a way that doesn’t completely exclude those that may not be as informed.

The course of the show sees Douieb talk about a multitude of things all of which ultimately serve to further prove his point that even though life can be great, it is ruined by people. His disgruntlement at the world coupled with his jovial persona make for an interesting dichotomy yet it somehow just works.

Read Something is a well crafted, fast-paced hour of topical comedy that is both entertaining and insightful. This is a show that travels at lightning speed yet doesn’t leave anyone behind and is an enjoyable, frequently funny ride.