Bonus December T Mail

Sorry* to plague your inbox twice in one month but this is a quick important** message.


Click For Tickets

Due to my own idiocy***, the tickets for my show filming in Jan went off sale over a week ago, despite there being quite a few left. Anyway, thanks to the lovely people at EventBrite they are now back on sale. So if you tried and couldn’t get any, that’s why, and you now can. If you didn’t try, at least tell me you did so I can pretend I’m more popular than I thought. It is nearly Christmas y’know. Give a guy something to work on yeah?

Ticket link is here:

Have a lovely Christmas and some Snappy New Gear

PS Check out #TIERNANADVENT on Twitter if you’re bored/don’t find my face upsetting.


*I’m really not, but it’s polite to pretend isn’t it?

**  It’s not that important. In the scheme of things I mean. There’s currently a war happening, severe flooding in the UK, and I have a blister. All of these things are slightly more important but you probably get different emails to tell you about those things don’t you?

*** Sorry. ****

**** I’m really not.