Token Beerage

I have, at most, 8 minutes to write this blog before I go to Bath. The place that is. I’m not basing my entire day on washing habits. As if I ever wash. Seriously, what do you think of me? No today is mostly West Country based with a collection of a Mr Thomas Craine in Bath, then recording his penultimate radio show in Bristol, then off to Frome. I have no idea where Frome is, but I presume all froads lead there. Arf. So with now 7 mins 30 seconds to spare, here’s some quick fire blogging:

– I saw LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip last night. Both were nothing less than excellent. Much kudos especially to James Murphy of LCD who at one point said he’d had to take steroids because ‘I’ve left my voice in Barcelona.’ Before following that by saying ‘That’s a Tribe Called Quest song isn’t it?’ Brilliant. If you don’t get it, you are no way as cool as me. FACT. What definitely wasn’t anywhere near as cool as me was the venue. Alexandra Palace, sort your music hosting self out. I can’t just get a beer from the bar? I have to queue up for beer tokens first, then queue up again for the bar, thus missing out at least 2-3 songs of the people I’ve come to see? What next? That I have to queue up to stand in a special line to drink my beer only to then later join the inevitable queue for the loos. There was more waiting going on than at a posh restaurant. Ridiculous.

Still on the plus side, I was taught but my friends Jude and Helen, how to use a tall person that’s on your side to your advantage. Two very tall people stood right in front of them so they sent Jude’s boyfriend Conor, who’s stupid tall, to stand in front of them as revenge. They got annoyed, moved, Conor moved back, situation dealt with. I need my own giant for such times.

– Its sad how the media once again have focused on the wrong area of the student demo yesterday. I wasn’t there and so don’t have a first hand opinion, but several people I know were and assure me it was mostly a peaceful demo. A few twats cause mayhem at Millbank and it means that the whole protest is demeaned as a violent riot and instead of focusing on why these students are angry today is being spent talking to the Met about how to deal with rioters better. Its not what was intended and now I bet Cameron will get away with putting through his Draconian methods anyway. Add to that the media docking the numbers that attended and its no wonder people did get violent I suppose. If anything, maybe the only plus point is that its provided the message that society is pretty angry about all this.

– I saw Burke and Hare yesterday with my friend Ali. We both er, thought it was crap. After reading Simon Pegg’s book I really really wanted it to be good. But its not. Its just, sort of, well ‘meh’. Isla Fisher couldn’t act her way out of a wet paper bag, the accents all round are toss, the script is shit. There really is very little going for it. Except the hats. They wore some lovely hats.

Time’s up. There was much to discuss but it will all be compiled tomorrow. Or not, more likely. Onwards and Westwards….