Gigs to Dogs and Cats

Another rushed blog today I’m afraid. It’s only midday and already today has had more ups and downs than a bipolar hill walking society exhibition. A combination of some exciting gigs being booked in, an exciting gig tonight, my brother sorting out what may be the best Sunday night in the history of everything and then all neatly slammed downwards to misery town by two more flat viewings of places that were less living spaces and more art pieces expressing misery through realisation. Actually I say that, but one was quite nice if cramped and too expensive considering that it’d be difficult to take two steps without nuzzling Tom and Nat. They might like that, I’m not sure. Also the biggest turn up for the books was that the estate agents were generally lovely people. One man who both Nat and I insisted was very much a lovely dad who gave us tips on how to avoid landlord charges and his views on the evil government, and an actor from Cardiff who’s going back into the trade in just a few weeks time and so officially was the first estate agent to understand what we do for a living.

So, erm anyway, before I do all the bazillion things I’m meant to today and then head to Chichester for this evening’s gig at the Festival Theatre, here’s some quick thoughts:

– Yesterday’s gig in Frome was rather lovely. Owing to the promoter Tracy saying that Mark Thomas had said nice things about me (they went to college together), I thought I’d do my new topical stuff on the cuts thinking it might work. It, er, sort of didn’t. I can’t work out if I lost them on it, or if it was too sore a subject as they are still awaiting to hear about the Somerset Arts Funding being cut by 100%. Either way, I was pleased I said it and got them back at the end so all ok. Think I’ll be skipping it for tonight’s gig in Chichester though which is a primarily a Tory hotspot. I’d love to be ballsy enough to go for it, but its a 900-1000 seater venue and I can’t help but feel that getting that crowd back after losing them might be pretty tough.

– There was a dog and a cat at the gig last night. I wasn’t sure what material would appeal to both of them. I did one joke about foxes. I assume that’s a natural enemy. Neither of them waited around to say they enjoyed it at the end, so I don’t think they liked it.

– Professor Bruce Hood aka top academic in developmental psychology and neuroscience aka professional Robin Ince impersonator came along to the gig last night as he only lived nearby and saw me tweet about being in Frome. I’ve met him once before through Shappi and he’s a highly interesting dude. He gave me a copy of his new book SuperSense which explores why people are superstitious. I aim to read it fairly soon but can’t start today as I’m worried that reading on a Friday will make unlucky things happen.

– The results of the Twitter Joke Trial were ridiculous. If you don’t know about it, have a read here:


Has it really come to this, that everything we tweet is potentially a ‘menace’ to society if someone in a position of authority can’t get a joke? Its a worrying infringement of freedom of speech. What Paul Chambers wrote was oh so clearly a gag and it must be nothing less than extremely obvious that that is the case to the police and judiciary involved. They must also have better things to do with their time, eg chasing actual terrorists, than wasting time and money on things like this? I assume its to make some sort of statement about our new 1984 like society whereby everything we do is monitored by Big Brother. If so, I’m going to put up various statements about my bodily functions so they will just feel a bit sick and hugely regret it.

– Lastly, I’ve finally booked in a last performance for ‘Littlest Things’, my Edinburgh 2010 show. It’ll be on Monday 24th January at the Etcetera Theatre at 7.30pm. I’ll post links up as soon as I have them. I’m never ever going to do this show again, so it’d be very nice if you could attend and make it a great last run.