Casting The Pod

This is not so much a blog today as a rather extended advert I’m afraid. I’m being horribly self-promotional today, and not in a way that means I’ll only refer to myself as ‘The Captain’ for all my hard work. No, in a way that means people on Twitter will probably hate me for the amount of times I’m irritatingly asking people to RT things, and in a way facebook friends who aren’t really friends will do that thing so they hide my feed, but still insist on updating me on what they are doing in Farmville despite the fact it appears to be the most tedious way to waste your life ever.

So anyway, why am I promoting stuff? Well, I’ve gone and done a podcast for the first time ever. I prefer podcasts to plastercasts or the cast of Hollyoaks, and so I went and made one myself. This one in particular is a whole free recording of my 2009 Edinburgh show ’28 Years Later’ from the last Saturday at last year’s Edinburgh fringe. Not only that but I’ve gone and done some oh so hilarious* interludes too that you can listen to, or totally not.

Anyway, all the links are on the front page of my website at

But I know that’s an effort to do two clicks so here’s the iTunes link:

And here’s the direct download link:

What to do with it once you’ve got it? Well you could listen to it on your iPod or mp3 player or phone or pop it on a memory stick, put the stick in your ear and download it into your mind. If the thought of hearing my ‘creepily like Edgar Wright’s’ voice terrifies you, then why not just download the icons and use them to decorate your desktop? Perhaps in a funky star shape or square type? Or maybe just scattered around the screen like a futurised Jackson Pollock?

And if you do listen and enjoy, then please pass it round or tell other people to download. Prob won’t leave it up there forever as I still use several of the jokes, so get it while you can.

Oh and I made a facebook event for it because I’m a loser:

In other quick news:

Stuart Goldsmith and Paul Sinha’s previews at Fat Tuesday last night were both bloody brilliant and I couldn’t recommend their shows enough. Definitely go see them in Edinburgh if you get the chance.

I have a sore tip of my finger. Why does no one make a convenient plaster for this? Sure I can get plasters that go around the finger, but hugely expose the bit that hurts. Or I can wrap a plaster around my finger six times to cover it but subsequently cut off all the blood supply and can’t use most of my hand. What I want is a tiny finger hat like a plaster thimble or a pinkie first aid condom. Sadly these don’t exist so I will just have to man up. Sad times.

I really hate to say it, but I though Cameron’s speech apologising for the events of Bloody Sunday was very good. This is a day after I liked James Corden in a program. If things like this continue to happen I may ask one of you to kill me.

Proper blog again tomorrow. Promise blogsters.

* tiresome