Everybody Loves The Sunshine

I bloody love the sunshine. Don’t you? Doesn’t everyone? Isn’t that why there’s that song that goes ‘Everybody Loves The Sunshine’? Pretty much. And its definitely true if people sing about it. That’s the rules. Lucy was in the sky with diamonds. Moo Moo Land is a place, and the moon has hit people in the eye before, but it was hushed up by NASA. Well I love the sun lots and lots. I would totally go and hang out there if it didn’t mean I would burn into nothingness within milliseconds. I would so hive five the sun if it didn’t mean my whole arm and face would melt. Essentially we can’t hang out due to various gas differences, so I’ll just have to appreciate it from here, thankyouverymuch. Or more likely, appreciate it from inside a car as that’s what I’m doing today. Driving stupid distances. In the heat. I wrote a blog about something similar not that long ago and I’m wondering if bookers have decided to plot an evil plan to bake me inside a tin. Not sure who would benefit from such a thing, but I would suggest I’m not put in brine as I have a small cut on my finger and that would really hurt.

Don’t have a lot for you today. Not even many friday thoughts as per usual. A combination of much booze with the lovely Flaustins (Tara and Carl) at their legal wedding celebration yesterday and the sunshine today has had that effect on my brain that means its sort of been bleached a bit. I’m sure a spy could arrive with some lemon juice or an ultra violet light and read my brain, but that would be the only way to find the hidden stuff in it. Not sure if spies still carry lemons around. I think that was one of those lies you were told as kids. ‘Yeah do some spy writing in lemon. It can only be seen by other spies that know to heat it up.’ Or something like that. I don’t really remember it. Either way, mobile phones now exist as do a whole ton of cleverer stuff, so I doubt lemons are the top of the spies guild secret gadgets quote. Poor lemons.

So what I will leave you with today is just some lovely things you should listen to, cos its all sunny like. Today’s album of choice is the Mr Scruff’s Big Chill Classics. Its big, its chilled, its classics. That means if you are studying classics at uni, you are fully allowed to listen to this as research. FACT. I wish all albums lived by the ‘literal’ name stance. For example if ‘Old School Anthems’ was just a lot of prayers sung in a school hall by kids. No one would buy it, but I would feel pleased. So yeah, get that album, pour yourself some sort of liquid, perhaps some castor oil or baby bio? Then listen and enjoy in the sunshine. Unless its raining where you are, in which case, gutted.