A Break

Hello usual blog readers. Or rather, reader. I haven’t posted for a couple of days now, which for a daily blog, is possibly quite odd. Not that many of you have noticed. I still just thought I should probably post this to say I’m not dead. Or if I am, then you can use blogspot/FB in the afterlife. So I can’t be, because if you could, I would expect a lot more blogs from excellent dead people. I just had something happen to me this weekend that has honestly turned my life upside down. It now looks like this: EFIL. Hmm. That’s just the wrong way round. I don’t know how you do upside down on this. Tell you what. Look at this: LIFE. Now turn your head/laptop/house upside down. There. Better? Yeah so, things are a bit shit and I don’t really want to talk about them on this blog, so I thought I’d just hold things off till I want to write happy things again. It may be a few days. I did have a few bits I wanted to blog about, such as my dad deciding that someone being a Nazi in a film is an excuse for any plot holes that may occur. Me: ‘What, how has he suddenly got super strength?’ My Dad: ‘Well, he’s a Nazi.’ Me: ‘That bit makes no sense, he can’t just suddenly appear there.’ My Dad: ‘He’s a Nazi though.’ Amazing point of view. I also wanted to blog about how great Friday in Brighton was too, and a big thanks to all that came along. But that’s about it from me at the mo. Hopefully all things shall sort out and I’ll blog again asap.

Until then, watch this, its amazing. And no, I don’t understand it: