Missing Vigilantes

When I don’t really have time to write a blog it tends to be expressed in a few ways: a) I’ll freely express in the blog that I don’t have time to write a blog, b) I will cop out and only write a paragraph or two, c) I will cop out and just write some bullet points, d) I will just stick something I’ve drawn up (see Monday’s blog). Now see if you can spot any of those signs today as a) I really don’t have time to blog.

– Sometimes you hear people in cheesy dramas ask, ‘where have all the heroes gone?’ Well I have discovered the answer. They are all busy fighting crime. Last night, on our list of people that had booked tickets to Fat Tuesday, was one Mr Alessandro Vigilante. I dare say its one of the best surnames I’ve ever seen. I was keen to meet Mr Vigilante and hoped to chat to him during the show. Would he, like the computer game I’ve been playing, be dressed in white Italian medieval assassin’s garb? Or perhaps a latex suit with logo? Or would he go for the trilby/long jacket look? I certainly didn’t know, and I was very excited. Then he didn’t show. I was hugely disheartened until I realised that he is probably somewhere saving lives and in which case I’m much happier he did that. Well done Mr Vigilante.

– Fat Tuesday sold out last night and was a lovely first gig of the season. I was looking forward to seeing Richard Herring’s show Hitler Moustache as I hadn’t seen it in Edinburgh and I heard it had changed a lot since he previewed it for us back in June. It was nothing less than awesome and I would highly highly recommend you to check out his tour dates either over the next two weeks at the Leicester Square theatre or when he travels around the country after that. All tour dates are at www.richardherring.com.

– I bought tomato juice when we went shopping last week. I assumed that as I liked the odd bloody mary, I might also like tomato juice. I have just had a cup. I assumed wrong. It should only be on pasta or filled with vodka. It felt like drinking the cold remains of a tin of baked beans. I now have a whole carton of wrongness in my fridge.

– Tonight, I’m doing this: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=249967462272&ref=mf. You should come. It’ll be ace.

– There is also this on tonight which will also be ace: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=293365700481&index=1 Invent a cloning machine and go to both. Hurry up.

That’s really it for today. Rubbish huh? It’s all because today is filled with meetings and gigs and before that I’m going to my friend Louis’ for lunch. Last time I had lunch at Louis’ house was over a year ago. See here:


Now read that and pretend I wrote a full blog. Boom. I’m the master of distraction. Oh no! Who’s come to thwart my plans! Mr. Vigilante! I’ll get you next time!