Some Of My Favourite Things

Finally I can stop plugging THIS because its tonight and there’s little I can do to pull extra crowds in now. Instead today needs to be spent remembering the damn thing. I went through it yesterday and its nearly all there. However certain little gags and bits of wording appear to be lost forever. I’m trying to force them into my brain using repetition. If this doesn’t work I will try writing the words on a big bit of paper and hammering it in my ears. At least if that doesn’t work I’ll get admitted to hospital for severe ear damage and could just not do the show at all. Actually, far from these small words being a problem, its more that certain elements of my show now feel quite outdated. The sections on the G20 riot and the credit crunch were far more relevant to 6 months ago and certain bits about me have changed in that time too. Rather than meticulously go through my show updating it all (which I’ve done a little bit), I think I will just be doing a sort of forward at the top to explain things. I then might invite everyone to bury the show or send it off down Camden loch and fire burning arrows at it so I can start on next Edinburgh’s show pronto.

Anyway, enough of show gripery. As I have work to do and I woke up far later than I expected, so have a small panic about said work, I’ve decided that it might be nice (and lazy of me) to give you a list of other blogs and things that have made me laugh a lot recently. If you’re still snowed off work, or are successfully pretending to be snowed off work, then why not spend some time reading through these gems:

Pictures of Sad Children

This is simply a work of dark genius. Each comic strip has the ability to make me laugh out loud and then feel a little bit ashamed of myself for laughing at such sheer evil. Some of my recent faves have been THIS ONE, THIS ONE and definitely THIS ONE. But I would suggest starting at the top and reading them all.

Jeremy the Annoying Horse

Tom showed me this the other day after we were recovering in the warmth from snow day. Its excellent.

My First Dictionary

I’ve probably posted this before but its one of my favourites. The posts slowed down a bit over Nov and Dec, but its back up and running properly again. Look at Nov 19th.

That Is Priceless

Yes it is.

Then here are some blogs that I tend to read on a daily or nearly daily basis because they are all ace:

Micheal Legge

Tara Flynn

Thanks For Your Call

Yes that was a lazy blog, but like how in Judo you use other’s strength against them, I am using your own reading ability against you. The main difference between this blog and judo is that no one gets hurt and your opponent doesn’t have to be wearing clothes with a lapel and long sleeves. When I did judo as a kid I would often listen to the sensei say things like ‘then grab their left sleeve and right lapel’. I would then put my hand up and say ‘but what if they are wearing a vest or something with no lapel or sleeves?’ I would either be ignored or glossed over, and while I can’t be sure of it, felt like I was always picked to demonstrate throws on and would duly get chucked across a room. Stupid judo.

I’m going to re-learn my show. You should come along.