Edinburgh Day 25

Layla arrives in about 4 hours, my show is in two and half hours, and so that gives me just about enough time to run around disinfecting our flat from its rancidness before she arrives. Its got pretty grim in certain areas. Well one area in particular, the bathroom. I’m not an untidy person, but when you are out and about all day, doing shows and drinking too much, well, it becomes hard to find time to clean things up. Sure you can put the odd thing in a bin, but then at some point you have to take that bin out, and thats the bit we all forget when rushing around. I think for the extortionate prices of all the flats during festival month, we should be provided with a cleaner, or robot maid or something. Just a little creature that wonders round with a flannel. As it is, I have to be that little creature today and so certain things must be dealt with before they become a new life form and terrorise Edinburgh. I’ve probably blogged this before, but it still annoys me that bathroom’s need to be cleaned. They are for cleaning, so shouldn’t you be able to just put the shower on and aim it at everything for 2 mins till it all washes away? Maybe we need that in all the rooms of the flat, like a large sprinkler system that sprays flash. Probably dangerous but I’m willing to let a housemate go blind if all I have to do is flick a switch and the place is sparkling. As it is these things don’t yet exist so today will be another cheating bullet point list of things so I can go and do my Barry Scott impression around the place:

– I went to see Eric’s Tales of The Sea yesterday. I had heard loads about it but hadn’t been earlier in the run because it finished very close to my show and I was too paranoid I wouldn’t make it back to the Underbelly in time. I finally took the risk and I’m so very very pleased I did. It was just brilliant. Lots of lovely tales, some sad, some very funny and more information about submarines than I ever knew before. I tried to persuade Eric to tour it, so hopefully he will. I would go and watch it in the next few days just in case he doesn’t. It now ranks with one of the best things I’ve seen all fest.

– My show was lots of fun yesterday. Back to normal sized crowds and there were loads of people I knew in, which was nice. The people I knew included my parents, who said they really enjoyed it. I slightly changed one line about my Dad, which I think was for the best. I’ve only got 4 more shows to do now and I really hope they are all fun. Not quite sure if I’ll do the show again after or back in London. I was thinking about it, but it depended on how this year went, and so far, I’m not entirely sure how its gone. There are a lot of jokes in it and it’d be a shame to waste them. I mean I won’t waste all of them as they can be put into my sets, but some would vanish if the show did. Although right now, I’ve said it all so many times, I wouldn’t be immediately sad if thats the case.

– Went for a curry with Tom yesterday. I like curry. I had a salty lassi to start with. I will never stop finding it funny that it sounds like a type of dog.

– Comedy 4 Kids got 5 Stars in the Telegraph!http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/theatre/edinburgh-festival-reviews/6092718/Edinburgh-Festival-2009-The-childrens-choice.html

– In yesterday’s CC4K show, Reese Shearsmith was in the audience. This petrified me slightly as I’m a mahoosive League of Gentlemen fan and loved Psychoville too. He was friends with Preston (the kid who was performing)’s dad, so he had come along. Susan Calman was meant to be MCing but didn’t feel well and could see I was excited about Reese Shearsmith being there, so she let me MC. Susan Calman is ridiculously lovely. Sadly the show was not great. The crowd were very very quiet and it was tough to get anything out of them. All the acts did well, with much kudos to Isy Suttie who was brilliant. Mostly I can quite easily meet and chat to famous people, but every now and then I do get a little awe struck and Reese Shearsmith made me all a bit rubbish so I didn’t go and say hello.

– It then happened again later at the Just 4 Laughs party. Eddie Izzard was there. I just stood from a distance and pointed a bit. I am such a loser.

– The party was brilliant. General conversation was about how the festival should be just 6 days shorter and we’d all be happier. Some people also said nice things about my show, which made me happy. The bar was also free which made me even more happy. As Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson said ‘The Best Things In Life Are Free’, which is why that single cost money to make and buy – because it was shit.

Off to make things sparkly. Wow that sounded camp.