Edinburgh Day 26

Thank God its Friday. Although if there is any kind of super deity then they also created Monday’s too and that means we should be giving away any unnecessary thanks so soon. I however am very pleased its Friday. This means it is one step further to the eventual end of things. I don’t mean this blog to become repetitive and dull but generally the only consistent thought in my brain at the moment is that I’d like to go home now please. I will stop typing this now until Monday when, despite everyone hating Mondays, I shall be dancing around like an excited chimp knowing that I’m all finished at the fest. I’m feeling relatively healthy today, despite further drinking shenanigans last night. Me and Layla both attended the So You Think You’re Funny party but were sensible enough not to keep drinking the free ‘mojitos’ – someone threw sugar and mint in some lemon squash and turps – that made me very sick last year and only stay around till about 2am or rather ie when the free booze ran out. The party is held to celebrate the winner of So You Think You’re Funny, a competition that despite its horribly sardonic title can propel a new act from unknown status to rather high up the comedy ranks. Sadly, while the party should be held in that winner’s honor for achieving competition success, everyone tends to turn up to the party without a clue of who just performed or won anything and instead plays the game of ‘who can drink all the free booze before it disappears’. Unlike the Mick Perrin party the night before, the SYTYF party has a slightly less strict guest list and so whilst its very nice that some people can get in, who normally wouldn’t (ie all my flyering team), it also means the place is filled with people (ie everyone else’s flyering teams) who probably shouldn’t be there and steal all the free booze before getting giddy that they are standing next to someone who was once on channel 5. As I said there were some lovely people there but ultimately I was tired, still a bit hungover from Wednesday and most importantly, hadn’t seen Layla for days so we eat crepes and went home.

There is a problem with the crepe stand this year and it is this: Edinburgh council have enforced licensing laws on said stand so that they can’t serve crepes as late into the night as they used to. This is a bloody travesty. The crepe stand is a staple part of the Edinburgh fringe and in the past there have been so many 5am much needed crepe experiences. Yes there was also the time Tim Minchin stole my crepe and yes it still scars me, that musical crepe stealing monster. But this year instead, when I have been out till 5am, there is no crepe goodness to get me home. I’m sure its losing them loads of business too and I can’t work out why the council would deny further crepery? Are late night crepes much noiser than other foodstuffs? Perhaps after a certain point at night if you put water on a crepe it becomes and evil crepelin? I really don’t know but I plan to write a letter.


There is was. I hope that works.

Lots of Layla’s family are down today and them and Layla have booked a big schedule of things to see. I’m not seeing most of them so will just convene with them in time for important things like eating, and eating. Its also Eri’s birthday today. Not sure what the plans are for that. I feel that her having a birthday here is a bit like when they have a birthday on a reality TV show. She’s probably missing all her friends back home, but as she’s trapped here, with no clue about what’s happening in the outside world, then we will have to make her birthday really bloody good. I am going to get some sort of cakery methinks. Not for Eri, I just like cake. Mmmm cake.