Edinburgh Day 6

Its another sunny sunny day here in Edinburgh. I can’t help but feel confused and suspicious about this. I mean, as much as I love it being all sunny, its really not within Edinburgh’s character to do such a thing. Normally it might eek out a tiny bit of sun before drowning several children in torrential rain. Its Edinburgh’s evil side. Lures us all into a false sense of security before forcing gangrene and rickets on us all. So now, several days of sheer sunshine only makes me wonder what’s going to happen next. I fear it will be a bit like that film ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ or as it should have been called ‘Monday’, (but that’s only if you’re watching it today) just without the shit acting or Jake Gyllenhaal being generally rubbish. After typing that sentence I fear some sort of Gyllenhaal lashback on the comments section. Last year I happened to critiscise Orlando Bloom for a brief festival appearance and next thing you know, many Bloomites got all angry and put nasty comments up about me. Have a lookie here:


On the plus side, it was a lot of fun responding and I got more blog hits than I ever have done before. While I doubt Jake Gyllenhaal has quite as many fans as Bloom, despite his equally, if not more wooden acting, I’m hoping that by typing both their names in here I can get loads of blog hits. I might type more sentences like this for continued attention. Jake Gyllenhaal bums Orlando Bloom. Fingers crossed that works.

Yesterday was another brilliant day if a little reversed from the previous one. Comedy Club 4 Kids was not as fun as the day before, mostly because the audience were a bit on the quiet side. I still enjoyed it though, having some fun banter with a girl who said her favourite thing ever was ‘TV’. When I said what type of TV did she like most (meaning programs), she replied ‘Flat screen’. I love the idea of a kid who is not interested in watching any shows, just starting at the shapes of the different televisions. Vikki Stone did her first ever kids set and was very good, and Andrew O’Neill had another stormer with a great song about a fox. But while CC4K wasn’t amazing, my solo show was great. I haven’t enjoyed doing a gig half as much as that for ages. Losing all the nerves of the previous day and being introduced by Paul B as ‘The best sandcastle maker in the world’ I actually had fun. The audience were lovely, the jokes worked, and I left feeling all a bit happy. That was until I got home and read this (bottom comment on the page):


Now to be fair, I’m not upset by it or really that bothered. I just wish that JW would have put a little more constructive criticism as to what it was they found boring. Had it been a terrible gig, or I wasn’t on form, fair enough. But it appears JW is someone who’s day started badly and has not enjoyed life ever since. Its reasons like this that I really should vow to not look at reviews. Its tough though when you have a name that when googled, immediately comes up with you. Edfringe is a particular hub for unnecessary bile. Its almost like it operates on a frequency that only people who hated shows can hear. And maybe bats. Bats can hear everything. Luckily though, they can’t type, or all hell would break lose. Or more likely, there would a lot of goobldegook on the net. Probably all typed in Dingbats font too. Still, there was a proper reviewer in yesterday, so lets hope they didn’t have the initials JW and hope they write something better. Or in Dingbats.

After the shows me and Nat went to watch Carey Marx’s show which is just brilliant. The Doom Gloom Boom at the Stand 2 at 7.45pm. Just go. Go now. I laughed seriously hard and there is a joke in particular about polar bears and another about various signs that just made me corpse completely. Hope its good year for Carey. With a show like that he deserves it.

Lots of stuff today so will keep this brief. Doing Rich Sandling’s Perfect Movie show today at 13.15. What this means, amongst other things, is that on Facebook, I have to tag him in my blog again. And tomorrow too. I feel like he is trying to impose himself on my writing and I won’t have it. So as revenge I may spell his name slightly wrong and tag someone else instead. Then I have my show, more CC4K and late tonight a free 15 minutes set at the Cow Cafe in the Underbelly. Do come along. To something. Unless you’re not in Edinburgh. Then don’t, cos it will take you ages to get here. It is sunny though.