Edinburgh Day 7

Its finally raining today. Oddly its a bit of a relief. We all knew it would happen at some point and now its all over and done with I feel much better. Its a bit more like Edinburgh. Lets hope it stops at that and all the crowds don’t disappear, all the critics get angry and everyone just feel suicidal before of severe downpours.

Today’s blog is a lazy one because its a Sunday and I’m knackered. I did 5 shows yesterday and as I only have two today its the closest thing I have to a day off until next Monday when I actually have a day off (on which I have to do stuff). So here is a quick list of things:

– The show yesterday was nice but the audience were a bit quiet. Not unlike a theatre crowd. Lots of applause at the end and some nice comments but not much laughing throughout. Paul (who knows things) said I had had done nothing wrong, it was all them. Bad audience, naughty audience. Don’t do that again please.

– It was all made up for by Nicola (@nwoolhouseuk) and Sarah (@misswiz) finding me afterwards and giving me two badges saying ‘I Love Zombies’ and ‘Zombies are people too’, a copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, a chefs hat and To-Do Tattoo. I will use the tattoo next time I run out of post-its again. On it, I will put ‘buy more post-its’.

– I also found out my show had sold out. Which was doubly nice. I was next to Rhys Darby on the sold out board. Take that Rhys! Although he had sold 4 times the amount of tickets I had (but we’ll just ignore that bit)

– Comedy Club 4 Kids was also awesome. More so for Richard Sandling’s inventive use of a megaphone and Matt Kirshen’s awesome set where a child insisted he cracked his head open once.

– Richard Sandling’s Perfect Movie is a great gig. I got to be Optimus Prime, Jules from Pulp Fiction and Groucho Marx all in 20 minutes. Best. Day. Ever. Its at 13.15 at the Canon’s Gate everyday and its free so you should go. After this blog Richard is not allowed to be in any blogs for a while. He is a blog hog.

– Did two further lovely gigs. A free show at the Cow Cafe in the Underbelly which was much fun. I spoke to man with super cool glasses called Boomie which was a damn cool name too. Then I raced off to the 99 Club at the Voodoo Rooms where I also had a lovely gig, and was followed by James Sherwood who was simply brilliant and I will definitely go see his show.

– There were four men in the Pleasance Courtyard who were blacked up and wearing afros. They were with a man who was wearing a Michael Jackson wig and hat and I could only assume they were intending to be the Jackson 5. Whilst disappointed in humanity once again, I was also impressed with how inappropriate they were on so many levels at once.

– Go see Pete Johansson’s show. Just do.

– Lastly, I wrote this and its now in the current Edinburgh issue of The Fix magazine. Have a gander:


That’s all for today. Just Comedy Club 4 Kids and my show to do then perhaps a civilised evening and a show. Or maybe I’ll just get drunk.