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Too Tousand and Nin

So its 2009 and already everyone seems to be predicting it ain’t gonna be a great year. Last night on the Hootenany every celebrity interviewed predicted doom and gloom, while even Michael Caine on the NYE messages to London said ‘This year I think what we really need is luck, so good luck everyone.’ Of […]

In 1942, I invented the shoe

It’s New Years Eve today, and does anyone give much of a fuck? It might just be age but I can no longer think of a worse way to spend my NYE than to pay hundreds of money for something that will never be as much fun as you want it to be, not get […]

Blog The First

I’ve spent the last five days in some sort of booze and food related stupor having consumed at least my own and several other large people’s body weights in nosh. In fact, if you are wondering where your own body weight in food has gone, its highly likely I’ve had it. Im sorry. When I […]