Today is that one day of the year when I get older. Well, that’s not true, otherwise I’d only look like I was 33 days old which would be odd. I mean significantly older, in terms of the number that I write down when I write down my age is now different. Sure I could’ve just said ‘it’s my birthday’ but part of acting my new age of the double 3’s is I’ve decided I will be slightly more bumbling in getting the point across. I’ve only decided that right, because I can, because its my birthday. I’ve now also undecided it, as it could really ruin my stand-up. I’m sad to say I’ve still not gained my mutant powers. Considering they are meant to come after puberty, I’m quite disappointed they are taking so long. Nor am I an astronaut yet, despite thinking about it on regular occasion. What else do I have to do for crying out loud?

Its an odd one this year. I’m not too fussed about 33. 32 was pretty spectacular as an age. I saw the Northern Lights twice. Work went ridiculously well and for the first time in ages I wasn’t afraid of missing bill payments. I was in Fresh Meat. Me and L moved in to a lovely new flat. I gigged with a robot. I saw some tiny owls. I only went to the Edinburgh fringe for two days. I got an Adventure Time duvet cover. All those things. Then to top it off yesterday, my lovely chum and ex-flatmate Nat Luurtsema got a BAFTA nomination for her short film (follow her ventures now before she no doubt wins Oscars and things), and my very best friend became a dad to a teeny gorgeous baby girl. So really, 33 has a lot to live up to.

The last of those things is the most exciting. For the first time ever this morning, I found myself spending an hour of my birthday looking at baby things to buy for my friend’s daughter. It is the most exciting news I’ve heard in ages and generally makes getting older quite insignificant. I usually indulge, avoiding work and eating things for my celebration and instead I found myself arguing with L over whether we should get a small owl toy or a blanket with monkeys on. I’ve already been here 33 years and really, I don’t feel there’s much point in celebrating it anymore. Not to be a grump – not at all in fact, I’m very much still excited by cake – but I’ve got a lot of things I need in life, and I’m (sadly) more interested in some of the projects and work I have coming up than going out drinking. I’ve got certain things I very much want to do this year, which is all well and good, but in comparison, people I love bringing a new life into the world is just incredible. Someone who’s existed for a day and has yet to experience so many things is something to actually, really celebrate and I am so overjoyed for my friends.

Then again, from another perspective, I spoke to my 87 year old, very small Nana last night. She told me off for not being that bothered at being 33. She has an incredible way with words anyway – recently telling me she was taking so many pills for things she should start dealing them on the corner. Amazing – and simply said ‘It’s another year you’re alive. You should always celebrate that.’ I guess she is an authority on such things and therefore entirely right.

So I guess generally I should probably just be happy to be alive. Which I am. Constantly. And always grateful of being able to enjoy it too and do things like speak to my tiny Nana and witness my friends becoming parents. Which is what I suppose I could’ve said right at the start but I instead embraced the new bumbling explanations that I will do. I’m getting very good at them. Here’s to a year of doing many different things that may be good possibly, but who really knows? Ok, the bumbling needs far more work. I’m now going to read the inspirational Commander Hadfield book which L got me as a present and revel in just how amazing the world is for a while. Then think about getting a moustache like his. Maybe this is the year I can at least look like an astronaut….



As it’s my birthday, why not buy tickets to my first ever UK tour?  It starts on the 31st of January. All dates and most ticket links are up at my website: https://www.tiernandouieb.co.uk. Please spread the word and come along as if you’re not there, it’ll be rubbish. It’ll just be me in a room and if I can’t get 3G I’ll be really bored. The very funny Chris Coltrane is supporting me on some dates and the brilliant Keith Farnan is doing a double header with me on others.