Keep Moving

I’m currently stealing the wi-fi from my parent’s house to write this as our new flat currently has no internet powers. Knowing BT and how long these things seem to take it’s unlikely we’ll have the internet until 2012. Considering wi-fi just seems to just hang around in the air or space or whatever, I can’t understand why the people at BT can’t just take a deep breath and blow it over our way for a bit. It’s clear I don’t understand these things, but also clear they are rubbish at putting landlines in even though we are now in the future. Stealing wi-fi isn’t as good as stealing other things as you can’t really take it with you. Unlike various bits of food I’ve scavenged since popping in half an hour ago, I can’t just pocket some wi-fi and head back. Its a shame really, although lack of internet may mean I actually sort the place out a bit.

I forgot how tiring moving is. Yesterday was a fluster of carrying heavy things then moving heavy things then trying to rebuild heavy things. I learnt quite quickly that I am much better at dismantling a bed than putting it back together and that there are far too many possible types of Alan Key. I’m not sure who this Alan Key chap was, but he was definitely a fickle man. I’m now constantly in fear that I will turn over too quickly whilst asleep one night and end up amongst large planks of wood and a sense of dismay and discomfort. My room in general looks as though its been hit by a bomb. A bomb made of CDs, DVDs and clothes mind you, as though Al Qaida have turned to HMV and various bits of Oxford St for its component parts. I reckon if they had done such a thing, people wouldn’t find them anyway as much of a threat. I would certainly hang around possible threat areas in hope of increasing my blu-ray collection. The kitchen also looks like bad things have happened to it and that was partly before we moved anything in to be fair.

The previous tenants obviously thought they were being nice when they scrubbed the place as best as they can, but in the same way if a child cleans up something thinking they’re being helpful, you often have to go round after picking up all the baked beans they’ve neatly arranged on the carpet and cleaning the neat picture they’ve drawn on the wall. We were left a mushroom, some paper plates and marks on the bathroom wall that I honestly couldn’t tell you what from or how they got there. Its partly like an exciting detective mystery working it out and partly a delve into how trolls live. Still it will all be nice in but a few days once we’ve done the token Ikea trip and shouted at each other, then actually bought some food. I’ve already paraded around in my onesi, Nat’s already temporarily stolen my onesi and Tom has spent some time walking around in a huge pair of pants, so its almost certainly our home.

I shall leave this here, but just a quick note to say I’m very much thinking of all the students protesting today in this terrible weather and with the aggressive police. Reading twitter, I honestly can’t believe that ‘our brave police force’ are kettling in and being violent towards kids and young students. What sort of horrible country are we living in where that happens? I did a small gig in Islington last night and ensured I did my new stuff about how angry it makes me that people aren’t caring enough. What was nice was that the audience listened, laughed and also all seemed to care. I now just have to make it so it ends with some sort of nice solution/funny bit rather than leave everyone feeling like we’re living inside Orwell’s 1984. Sorry I can’t be on the protest today to all taking part but hope it has some semblance of a peaceful one before the authorities get violent. Keep on keeping on.