Go Blog Elsewhere

I don’t actually have any time for a blog today. Inbetween filming a small thing for Nat for an item on the One Show she’s doing next week and driving through the snow like an arctic trooper to Tenbury Wells for my gig this evening, I have zilch time for Things To Say And Douieb. Very sorry folks. What I will do, which I don’t normally, is recommend you read Nat’s blog if you don’t already:


Its mostly about living at home with her parents again, which is what her bit on the One Show will be about. I met her parents today and they were both lovely and lived up to their expectations. After reading Nat’s blog for some time, it was not dissimilar to meeting my favourite fictional characters from a book. No disrespect to her parents, but I do still hope I get to meet Aslan one day.

Anyway, crack on with that whilst I’m away and uber blog tomorrow.