Tiernan vs The Cuts – New Podcast

The reason a blog hasn’t happened yet today is because I’ve put some new material on my podcast about the cuts and you can have it all here for free:

iTunes: http://bit.ly/atUeGD (this may change in an hour or so, as iTunes hasn’t actually added it yet. But I will update. Fear not blog peoples! Or just fear a tiny bit. Makes me feel important)

Non-iTunes: http://bit.ly/91NBpE

So yeah, you can’t expect free audio stuff and then a blurble on here too can you? I mean, how much can one man deliver? Postmen aside of course. But even they have limits. Mostly postcode based limits. I mean a normal dude like me. Who just happens to have super spidey powers. No wait. Sorry, wrong person again. Look, I’ve been driving on the M1 for four and a half hours today. All I’m saying is any further words from me and it’ll all go not only tits up, but also tits sideways and tits falling over.

Anyways, please download and tell other people to download. This material will only stay current for a certain amount of time and I wanted to get it out there while it still makes sense. Enjoy!