Another Blig

Its a blig, not a blog again today. For those new to reading these, that’s a mini-blog, but not mini enough to be a tweet. There is some sort of ground between them. A bloooooog is a very long blog. And a blag is something different entirely. So here we go. Most of them are unfunny. Deal with it:

– George Osbourne is sheer evil. How on earth can you put forward a motion whereby a single parent earning £44k+ loses all their child benefits despite having to pay extra for child minding, yet a couple earning just under £44k each will still get it? It makes no sense and once again the people that will be least affected will be those earning so much money its irrelevant. I’ve been trying to write jokes about it, but to be honest its made me so annoyed I’m not sure how to find the funny side. Bah. This government sucks.

– I’m going to spend this morning dismantling furniture so I can put it in a van on Friday and drive around cutting people up and listening to AC/DC like all good van drivers do. Dismantling furniture is fun, but not as much fun as smashing the shit out of furniture. I must be careful I don’t get bored and go for the latter otherwise I won’t have a bed to sleep on when I move flat. Tough times.

– Miles Jupp was bloody excellent at Old Rope last night.

– Sad news about Norman Wisdom. I’ll be honest and say I never really knew of his work, but I know of his comedy legend status. I did spend several years as a kid assuming him and Ernie Wise were the same person on account of name and grey hair. I assumed that Wisdom didn’t sound as good tagged with Wise and therefore he had to shorten it. Needless to say, I was a fool as a kid. This is the same kid that once, years before grasping the concept of Morecambe and Wise, wore a yellow potty on his head for three days pretending he was a fireman much to the detriment of my parents dignity. Idiot.

That’s about it for today. Proper blog tomorrow, promise. Till then, its Fat Tuesday tonight. Not only do we have Andrew Maxwell, Hal Cruttenden, Mike Wozniak, and Colin Hoult, but I also have more beard than you’re used to, and some jokes about Bootsy Collins. How can you miss that? Oh and we’re on the front comedy page of Time Out online because we rock: