Fringe Day 21: Flyediting Professionale

My favourite new game of the fringe is Flyer Editing, or Flyediting if you will. Its a very simple game that you can play too with any flyers any time of the year, a black marker pen and a huge amount of time to waste. Luckily at the fringe, I have all of these things and so, flyediting has been born. Here are my current attempts so far. Why not give it a go too and post your pics in the comments section?

Number 1: Jim Jefferies

Now reads:

‘ Jim Jefferies the Australian, returns with his mammoth for the whole month of August. Some of Jim’s material is frank. You will hear about severely disabled Jim’s pet.’

‘One of the most comedians working’ The List

‘Jefferies will have you in the aisles’ Edinburgh Eve News

‘Unbelievably Simply’ Man News

‘Jesus’ The Scotsman

Number 2: Paul Zerdin (co written by Laura Lexx)

Now reads:

‘Star romance and boo. Pa Zerdin: Spongest Sit.’

‘A show’ The Man

‘If you thought the brilliant ventriloquist could not appear in Paul Zerdin, brutal re-education. Standard.’

Number 3: Celebrity Autobiography (co written by Laura Lexx)

Now reads:

‘Celebrity Rap. Direct from cocks. Star in this embarassing, banal, celebrity experience.’

‘Hands Down, you weep and pick.’ New York.

Number 4: Rob Rouse

Now reads:

‘Rob’s return to Edinburgh last year, came in floods. This year Rob is girlfriend, toddler, dog…however, the hard bit lurks within us all.

Number 5: Sammy J

Now reads:

‘Fresh juice. Join on of the audiences with a hand up something’s arse.’

Number 6: Pete Johansson (co written by Carl Donnelly)

Now reads:

‘Best New. Pete’s consistent. This year, Pete’s induced brain damage.’

‘Critics on sunday.’

‘Accurate’ The Guardian

Number 7: Carl Donnelly

Now reads:

‘Horse of the year. Last year’s Carl, has been. Expect a failed attempt. Carl has appeared for men.’

Number 8: Mike Keats (co written by Laura Lexx)

‘Eat behind the Cuban Brothers. Turn to his turn to his town’s anal front. No. This will be the first delve into his hotly antic-pated highly improvised dance uncle. Mike sheds on the host.’

‘Everyone’s out. No.’

Number 9: Me (entirely written by Laura Lexx)

Now reads:

‘You really do love extensive surgery to look like a werewolf where appropriate. Flattery can get you within a special small thing and can really affect someone. As a professional, Tiernan Douieb explores people, the versatility of waffles bits, some bits about two uses of horses. You may have Tiernan. End him.’

‘Clearly a person’

Number 10: Keith Farnan

Now reads:

‘Sex show from critic Keith Farnan whose shows about Jews proved damned. Keith Farnan looks to 7 year olds. A doctor revealed he was Belle Du Jour. They don’t seem to know there’s the ruin. So what do we want?’

Number 11: Andrew Maxwell (co-written Laura Lexx)

Now reads:

‘Tim them suppress nay. ET. * tit.’

‘ Most comedians today dent. Fierce ting. Tim. Ass. Ass Hall. Box Ass.’

Number 12: Tim Fitzhigham

Now reads:

‘He’s the only man in a bath. He’s broken a paper boat, run up and down, undergone armour, and pioneered dancing. He’s narrowly avoided several occasions just for you. Now Tim is a problem – a big one. He’s man fighting to protect a way of ridiculous. Join Edinburgh’s only ship and witness one predictable comic.’

Number 13: Susan Calman

Now reads:

‘Calman is dead an infectious too. – The Guardian’

‘Susan Calman is statistically not lovely. Join Susan Erect. Bring most annoying people.’

More soon!