Fringe Day 10: Unlucky For Some

Ooooooh it’s Friday the 13th. Scary stuff, if you’re superstitious that is. Superstitious is the shittest of all superheros. ‘I am Superstitious! Beware my incredible abilities of being scared of black cats and ladders!’ Useless. I’m not superstitious. Much. I mean if I was to walk around today and suddenly my entire street was filled with ladders and black cats as though there was some sort of feline builder collective planning such things and it happened to be today, I may be a tad worried. However, glancing out my window, I can’t see any of those things. I can see a cat. He’s not black. But he may have painted himself as a disguise. Cats are sneaky like that. Either way he doesn’t appear to be crossing anyone’s paths as it would mostly involve him getting run over. I should be safe. Unless he’s painted himself and is carrying a pocket ladder. Oh jesus I’ve worried myself a bit now. I might not leave the flat today. If there was anyway to broadcast my show this evening I would.

Seriously though I in no way suffer from friggatriskaidekaphobia. This is mostly because I am paranoid most days and can’t be arsed to harness a special set of paranoia into one ball of fear today. Its a stupid belief anyway that goes back to the Christians destroying pagan beliefs that 13 was a lucky number. All witches covens had 12 witches and a head witch. Even Jesus had 12 apostles and him, which equals 13. Then Christianity said ‘oh no no you can’t be walking around having sex and setting fire to things. 13 must now be unlucky along with all of your beliefs.’ I mean, I am paraphrasing. Which is like paragliding. Only with words. Its not like paratrooping. Or para-Olympics. I like to think that paratrooping is where soldiers can only walk in parallel lines to each other at all times. This would make wars pretty even if nothing else. Well sort of even. Sigh.

So I am very much planning to treat today like every other day. Except Darren. He’s a dick and will get treated improperly. Take that Friday 13th. I’m going to make no changes to survive it. I may even set up certain hazards and walk around with my own ladder and a mirror and paint the cat across the road black again and carry it round. I’m a superstition maverick.

Couple of other things:

– Show 8: Audience Rating – 4 stars but very nearly 3. Toughest crowd yet. Refusal to like any edgier gags let them down a bit, could try harder. Felt they had a clear idea of what they wanted and yet couldn’t quite realise it in their vocal performance. Extra star is given for the awesome Tara Flynn being there. Go see her excellent show. As for the crowd, I wouldn’t rush to catch them at this fringe, but for your money’s worth you could do far worse.

– The new Pleasance Dome game of performance dancing onto any empty table is quite possibly the best game invented yet. Take that Brazil Brazil. Brazil Braschmil more like.

– It was decided by myself and the K-Hizzle that this is the best website ever:

– Yesterday I saw Jason Cook’s show at the Stand 3 and Helen Arney’s show at the Caves. They are both properly properly excellent. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Longer blog tomorrow. If I survive today……..