Summerburn 2010

My brain has officially melted today. I’ve tried to do a few things, but beyond menial tasks I seem to have given up. So rather than sit here and rant about how crazy the weather is or just how hugely hugely shit England were yesterday, I thought I’d just post up the Summerburn playlist I’ve just made and sent out. So instead of my usual waffly words, today I give you some musicness. I’ve put a link for you to download it too at the end, which is all probably highly wrong, so it’ll only stay up for a couple of days and then I’ll scrap it. I have enjoyed nothing more in this sunshine than sitting around and listening to very chilled things. So that’s what I did with this year’s playlist. Mostly chilled things. LIke listening to ice. But not. Because that’d be really really dull. Unless it was holding up noisy stuff and then when it all melted they all made noisy stuff noises. I should so do modern art. Or not. Anyways, here’s the list, have a nice summer day and my brain will be back online tomorrow for some actual words:

1. Everybody Loves the Sunshine – D’Angelo
2. Summertime – Lambert, Hendricks & Ross
3. The Summer Of ’42 – Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson
4. He Got So Much Cool (He Don’t Need No Music) – Main Source
5. Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover – The Hawk
6. In the Sun – She & Him*
7. Little Bit of Feel Good (LA Garage Mix) – Jamie Lidell
8. Empire Ants (feat. Little Dragon) – Gorillaz
9. Brothers On The Slide – Cymande
10. The High Road – Broken Bells
11. Love’s Enormous Wings – The Leisure Society*
12. I Know Where The Summer Goes – Belle And Sebastian
13. Sort Of Revolution (The Cinematic Orchestra Remix) – Fink
14. Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime – Beck
15. On The Sunny Side Of The Street – Billie Holiday

Some are about summer, some just sound like you should listen to them in the sun, and some of you might argue some are not summery at all. Well I would argue that you are a bumhead. Yes, my brain has melted, that’s the best of my insults. Arguably the first track is one of the greatest summer tracks of all time, so following that is pretty hard anyway. I also would’ve added a whole heap of other tracks such as ‘Sky Holds The Sun’ by The Bees, ‘When She Smiles She Lights The Sky’ by Plant Life and ‘Juanita Bonita’ from Quantica Presenta Flowering Inferno, but I couldn’t make it fit an hour. So this is all ya get till I do another one next year. Hope you enjoy.

Here’s the download link (its a zip file. So’s ya know):

*Ta to Emma for these tracks.