Last night at the ever lovely Old Rope, I tried to talk a little bit about what Israeli forces bombarding the flotilla yesterday. It was possibly the fact it was too soon, the fact that my jokes were shit and there is little that is funny about it, or that the audience hadn’t heard about it, but either way, it didn’t work. I tried to appease things by making a joke that a flotilla is a fleet of ships and not a bathtime version of a popular Mexican dish. So, I wanted to write a lot about it today, but I’m not going to. Not because I’m chickening away from it, but partly because I’m meant to leave the house in 20 mins to meet someone and still haven’t had a shower, and partly also because it can be explained a lot more succinctly by cleverer people. For example, Alexi Sayle:


Various different reports are giving various different numbers as to how many civilians have died, but the numbers don’t really matter. More importantly, whether it was 10 or 25, innocent people died trying to bring aid to other innocent people and Israel haven’t allowed that to happen. Any excuses the Israeli government have been giving just aren’t really good enough. This, coming only a week after refusing to take part in a meeting about nuclear disarmament to bring peace to the Middle East, (them being the only ones with proper nuclear warheads as well) and it appears Israel are doing whatever they like, despite international laws. They can’t and shouldn’t be allowed to get away with this again.


Right, that’s my mini-rant for today, though unless something is sorted out soon, I will try and write a bit more about it, and my views on the whole thing. Though Sayle does sum it all up very well.

On a very different note, the Fat Tuesday Edinburgh Preview season starts tonight with Seann Walsh and Stephen Carlin. There are still tickets left so book ’em here: