90’s Stylin’

I’m having a sort of day off today. I say sort of, as I have to gig tonight. But up until the point where I walk onstage, today is for slobbery. That’s being like a slob, not spreading saliva everywhere. Although, there is nothing to say that won’t also happen. I’m not 100% sure to do with my day off. Currently my parents do not have an HD ready or capable TV which means there shall be no X-Box playing or Blu-Ray watching. Sure I could watch them, but they’d look rubbish and I am not going to treat my beloved gadgets in such a way. They shall remain untouched until they can be dealt with properly. It’d be akin to viewing incredible art through a frosty window with sick on it whilst wearing sunglasses. Sort of. So what else to do? I might go all old school and read a book. That’d be nuts. It’d be like looking at the iPads of the past. Who knows? Either way, little shall happen. That’s not me speaking about myself in the third person. I mean I shall be doing very little. I had my 6th preview last night of my new Edinburgh show at one of the loveliest clubs in the UK, Oppo in Bristol. The show went ok. Some worked, some didn’t, some bits are still missing. It was very much like an item of Ikea flat packed furniture. Importantly, work needs to be done, I know where some of it should happen, and today I am not doing any of that work. Yes the show is fresh in my head, yes today would be the best day to go over things, no, I’m still not going to. That’s how much of a sort of day off I’m having. So with all that covered, here are some bullet points:

– Tom of the Craine variety, relayed information to me yesterday that the new fashion for this year would be ’90’s style. I am very pleased by this as I don’t think I’ve ever stopped dressing like its the 90’s. Admittedly, I mean the late 90’s. I’m never going to get my curtains haircut back for the sake of humanity. However I’m excited about everyone else wearing baggy jeans too and I hope we can push it towards the excess of hip hop culture from the mid 90s so that everyone will be wearing large clocks around their necks and have one trouser leg rolled up. I would like this.

– Further hip hop chat, it occurred to me that on lots and lots of hip hop tracks there is a featured guest that I have never heard of ever since and I wondered what had happened to some of this people. Today’s curiosity moment is the group Zhane who featured on Busta Rhymes ‘It’s a Party’ track from 1995. Just so you don’t panic, I’ve checked it on wikipedia and it turns out, they are nowhere now. So there you go. I have a feeling this won’t become a regular blog feature.

– The news story about Israel storming the convey of aid ships to Gaza makes me very sad. Its unbelievable how it can be justified that they have attacked those that are bring supplies for other suffering people. What’s next? The IDF kicking over ambulance workers as they try to help someone having a heart attack? The Israeli government have stated that the group on the ships were ‘dead set on confrontation’ which is interesting as they have also said in reports that there were no weapons on the ships and that the two people who had pistols, grabbed them of the IDF. So essentially, they are saying that it was ok to fire upon people who were acting aggressively because their peace seeking boat had been unnecessarily attacked? As yet, Israel still haven’t found an excuse that comes close to being acceptable. The Foreign Minister Ayalon has described the boat convey as an ‘armada of hate’. I would like to nominate that as the most hypocritically incorrect statement of the year. I really hope the UN have the balls to actually do something about this and it doesn’t become yet again another example of relentless oppression of the Palestinians that is let slide.

– Please watch this from 1.20 in. I swear it will cheer up most people’s days. Just awesome.


Well that’s it for today’s blog. Mostly hip-hop/90’s related, but also some ranting about international crimes. Hope that covers everything you want on a bank holiday.