I’m gonna have a bit of a moan today. Moooaaa. There, that was a bit of a moan. Tee hee. No seriously. Its not often anything bothers me and to be fair this doesn’t bother me that much. Not as much as say, someone constantly flicking my face. That would make me really upset. Chances are though, that won’t happen. At least I hope so, otherwise I will have to stop looking forward to the rest of my life nowish. So, what’s on T’s tits today? (Don’t you love the alliteration?) What kind of chip sits upon his short man’s shoulders? What bug does he bear? I don’t how you’d bear a bug? I guess you’d have to paint a bee brown and attach small claws and bear ears. Oh dear lord, that really should happen. Bear bees anyone? Sorry. Back to the subject. Last night’s Fat Tuesday was brilliant. No that wasn’t what annoys me. I’m not some sort of weirdo. We got a lovely 58 people, and each and every act was excellent. What annoyed me is that its the third Fat Tuesday in a row that we have had slightly lower numbers than normal (we sell out at 82), and all three of those gigs have also not had any ‘TV names’ advertised. This is not to say the acts haven’t been brilliant. Far from it, they have all been acts I wish more people would see because they are excellent. Yet, due to not knowing the names, less people have attended. I know there are other reasons people have been along: its nice weather, people also have lives, the ash cloud, maybe. But its noticeable because gigs we have coming up with bigger ‘names’ have already sold better than some of the last three gigs. I would hope that after running the club for over 5 years, people would know to trust that we only book the funnies, and it shouldn’t matter if you’ve heard of them or not. Come along, be educated. Everyone there last night had a great time, and it was a top gig. The only downside being is that once again, instead of me earning anything from it, I make a substantial loss, again.

To be fair, this is also because I am a bad business man. I like to pay our acts properly, and I don’t like to charge the people too much for coming out on a Tuesday. This equals the lovely balance of people feeling like they have a bargain night of awesome acts. It also means I am consistently broke. Unless we sell out. Which we do with a ‘telly’ name. And this is where you realise that programs like ‘Mock The Week’ are slightly damaging to comedy, driving audiences not to see comedy as a whole, but just those they’ve heard of. Its the same in a lot of entertainment fields. I know of three different actor type friends who cant get anymore voiceover or ad work because all the celebs are doing them. It worries me a bit, because by celebs taking all the work, there’s less ways for someone new to break into the work and eventually the system will destroy itself. I’ve just read that all back and realised I’ve sort of jumped topic without bridging it very well. It made sense in my head. This is why I didn’t do very well with essays at university. That and the whole ‘not turning up to lectures’ thing. Ahem. So I’ll go back to my original point as it makes more sense.

All I’m saying is that people need to take a chance on comedy they haven’t heard of. You never know who you might see. There are chances you might not enjoy it, but surely that’s part of the excitement? Except at my gig, where you will enjoy it. FACT.

Right. That wasn’t really much of a rant. Nor did it make much of a point. I’m still a bit irritated, but now that’s partly due to the fact that I’ve realised I haven’t succinctly got my point across. Grrr. Worse than that, if you read this blog, you are probably the sort of people that go and watch all sorts of comedy anyway, so this really doesn’t apply to you. Sigh. Right, I promise that when they work out how, I will make you all time vouchers for 10 minutes of your life and give them to you so you can have the portion of your life back that it took to read this. I’m going to go kick some bins like a teenager that’s angry and doesn’t know why.

Oh and I’ve started a game I mentioned on this very blog, right here on my FB page as my status. 58 replies so far. Please join in. Its much fun. Unless you hate words. Then it’s toss.