Unnecessary Thursday

Today is one of those days where I have looked at my gig diary and sighed in sadness about how stupid it is. Today I drive 200 miles to North Wales and then 200 miles all the way back, by myself, for a gig I wont see the cash for for at least four months. I don’t really have enough money for the petrol, I don’t have the willpower to drive all that way by myself without thinking about Ghost Stories and freaking myself out at least once and I don’t really want to leave my flat where I am still horribly addicted to Mass Effect 2 on the Xbox. Still, I have half a ton of podcasts to catch up on, an Edinburgh show to write and the Gorillaz CD to play on repeat till I finally hate it (this won’t happen. I’ll never hate it). Due to its distance I don’t have much time at home today and so I should probably spend this time productively. As it is, the last half an hour has been spent looking at a website called managetwitter.com and deleting over 100 people I’m following as either they no longer exist, or they aren’t following me back and I’m super petty like that.

Really, just because I enjoy someone’s twitterings it does not by any means mean they enjoy mine, but going through the list, there were several people I know personally and so playground tactics apply. No all I need to do is be big enough to delete the people I admire but are ultimately hugely dull online and eventually my twitter feed will become so empty I’ll add everyone again and my entire day will be wasted. Its amazing how such immensely pointless things can take up such a large amount of time. At some point today I will spend several hours inviting all my Facebook friends to the London Improv event next week, knowing a large amount don’t live in London, several I don’t actually know and another large amount who just hate it whenever I invite them to anything. If only Facebook would have some sort of single button you could press that would send these invites out discerningly to the people who might actually come. Or at least click ‘maybe’.

I really have nothing but whinging to convey today. I shall leave this blog here or it will merely descend into a whirlwind of whining. Generally there is little to whine about. This is of course excluding general finances, the state of the economy, the environment, war and the fact my cat Bella just walked on the keyboard and I’ve had to delete 7 sentences of the word ‘kkkrkkrkkrkrkrkrkkrkr’ whatever that means. No pretty much all is good, its just that I have to go to Wales, on my own. Note to self: Buy Milk. Sorry, wrong note. Other note to self: Stop booking in stupid gigs. Sigh.