Caffeine Hated

I’m really tired. Proper stupid tired. As a result over the last day or so I have pumped levels of caffeine into my body that were someone to lick me, they’d probably buzz for a few hours before crashing. This is not good, as obviously caffeine makes you more tired in the long run, meaning you need even more caffeine. It is like the heroin of beverage ingredients. Except that I can drive and gig on caffeine. Saying that, have never taken heroin, I feel like I am making unjust assumptions about my super cool ability to do things while of my face. Oh dear, I had to retype that sentence three times. I’m starting to wonder if that last coffee proves me wrong. Thing is, I haven’t had a lot of sleep. Lots of late late night gigs followed by early mornings, and as a result I’m a slightly cheery zombie, which means I’m not managing to do anything well. Except drink coffee. If only I could get paid to do such a thing. I envy the career of Anthony Head. And maths teachers. All my maths teachers smelt badly of coffee. And cigarettes. And despair.

Today’s morning was spent doing a casting with Tom Craine. It was something that we’d both really like to get, but ultimately, after today, we’re fairly sure we won’t. We spent time yesterday having fun preparing for it, which is not normally something either of us do, but all preparation was dismissed in the actual arena of the casting studio and we’re both fairly sure the woman doing it didn’t like us very much. Not a lot you can do in these sorts of situations. All casting directors know what they like and more often than not, its not me. Its a shame, but her dislike appeared evident in the lack of laughter and her prompting for us to move on instead of doing our usual waffling. It was a job that I think I would have genuinely enjoyed getting too, and mostly involved getting paid to watch movies and talk about them. I’m good at that. Generally, I will go and do that for free. Not that I’d say that to them, just incase they’d realised they’d missed a trick. Ultimately after today I’ve realised I could quite happily live a life of drinking coffee and watching films for money. Sure I’d get the shakes, sure I’d have a warped sense of reality, but the former might help me lose weight and the latter is nothing new. Starbucks, get sponsoring Odeon and give me a call.

Further long distance driving tonight and early mornings tomorrow and then another late night. I need to master the art of napping midday time. This however is impossible with all the coffee. So the only way to combat the tiredness from not having a midday nap due to coffee, is more coffee. I fear that I may never sleep again. Shall have to fill the time watching films. I tell you, they’ve properly missed a trick.