Rude Names and Cartoons

Late and rather brief blog today as I have spent most of the morning sitting in a casting with Tom Craine, surrounded by other short hairy men like myself and other tall thin men like Craine. Sometimes I view these days as opportunities to see ourselves in a parallel universe. Perhaps 6 billion and a half light years away, passing through some sort of time reality shufty (that’s the official scientific term), one of those other hairy dudes does jokes about being diabetic on stage, whereas I spend time going to castings, doing them properly and maybe actually getting the job. Sadly, as it is, I tend to turn up, be confused, be confused infront of a casting director, leave, dignity no longer in tact, go home, wonder why I got up early. Still fingers crossed maybe this one will be the one that means I can look like a well filmed twat.

Last night’s gig was so stupidly lovely that there is little to say. It took me ages to find it, because, and I was told this without a hint of irony, but the neon sign saying ‘The Electric Theatre’ was broken, but when finally there it was much much fun. On the wall by the box office was a list of names and pictures of members of the cast of ‘Arabian Nights: The Panto’. I spent time trying to take a picture of a woman who was playing the part of ‘Brat’. I thought it would be funny to post a picture of her face, name and then ‘Brat’ with the simple tagline ‘Bit harsh’. However, while doing this I was receiving some very odd looks from the theatre staff. Why was this tiny man taking pictures of pictures of other peoples faces? Creepy and odd all at once. So I took the pic, sent the tweet and backed away with embarrassment. Sadly as I did this I noticed the picture of a pretty young blonde woman who had the most unfortunate name combined with the most unfortunate character name, making her one large euphemism for oral sex. I wasn’t able to take the pic as the stares from the ushers drove me away, but the childish me regrets it consistantly. Instead, just scroll down this page till you find the character of the camel and the cast member playing it that isn’t the one called Sarah. I can’t be any more obvious than that:

That’s it for today. I’m a busy T. So instead, for all youse who don’t twitter or facebook and won’t have seen these before, here are my two latest cartoons. One new Dave one and one from my brain. There will soon be a webpage on my site that has all of them which will look all fancy. Till then, enjoy: