Leeds Greetings/ Leetings

Just a few thoughts today as blogging comes courtesy of my phone, which is, at the best of times, an irritating device to write a text on let alone an entire blog. There is much to say so tomorrow may be a mega one but until then:

– despite what the advert suggests, Waitrose is definitely not the only place to be this Christmas. I suggest spending it with loved ones. I doubt it’ll even be open.

– my new favourite hobby is watching women in high heels with no jackets fall over constantly on Leeds icey streets. Last night there appeared to be two policemen who’s job it was to go and help these women get up. They must feel like they have reached the prime of their law enforcement career.

– gig last night was lovely. Prime moments include a man in the front row being distracted from the second act because his mate had farted and a woman in the man’s loos trying to justify her position there by saying she had ‘dropped her phone’. I can only assume she meant ‘threw her phone’ and it was her only known method if definitely seeing cock.

– I had the coldest sleep ever. I was fairly sure I’d wake up upside down and hung by large bits of meat. I didn’t.

– If you live near or in Brixton, then come along to a lovely free gig at the Red Gate Gallery tomorrow afternoon hosted by me. I can’t link to it so just google it you lazy bastards.

That is all. I’m going to defrost.