Today’s blog is a mostly visual one on account of me not having a lot to type about. Its odd but these last few days I have got large amounts of much needed work done, which has, as a consequence, affected blog abilities, tweeting, facebooking and any other activity that I usually revel in. I wouldn’t like to put two and two together and get four, mostly because I am of the school of thought where that should become 22. Thats because you said ‘put them together’ and not ‘add them together’. Its very different and you should really think about how you say things otherwise should the opportunity for a magic lamp wish appear its highly likely that you will end up wishing for yourself to be more happy only to be transformed into one of the seven dwarfs. I imagine most genies to be total bastards who would do such things. They have been trapped in a lamp for years, and if I was in a similar lamp captive situation I’d be a total shit to anyone too. So, what I’m saying is, whether I like it or not, my lack of tweeting etc has given me more productivity elsewhere. I don’t want to entirely blame my work on not using the net as much as usual and there is a small chance it may be down to other things. Lately, for example, I’ve eaten a large amount of artichoke hearts. I’m not sure why, but recently its what I’ve enjoyed eating a lot. I think there is a subliminal carnivore in me that knows that that is the closest I will ever get to eating meat, and within weeks I’ll probably be chewing on potato eyes and ears of corn. I don’t think artichokes posses any kind of amazing brain boosting abilities, but if it isn’t artichokes, then is has to be the internet.

I’m not sure what I’ll do if it turns out to be what it obviously is and the cause of all my procrastination is the web. I could try and persuade everyone to stop using Facebook and Twitter till I get all my work done. I don’t feel that would be too selfish. It is the season of goodwill after all, although I do keep felling that if there is ever a time of year when people get angry its now. In fact, despite this whole Xmas ‘festive’ thing, people are generally shit around now. Its a combination of shitty weather, shitty crowds, shitty spending money you don’t have on presents that aren’t for you, and that its shittily not quite close enough to you getting off work. What everyone forgets as they barge past each other with resentment, is that they should be bloody happy now as January is worse when they all go back to work, still poor from Xmas present giving, fatter than they were and with even shittier weather. Oh except January does have my birthday in it, so I think its awesome.

So anyway, for the last few days, my generally stealth demeanor has been because I’ve been getting a new showreel done which is now here. Have a look and please rate/comment/pass on to people who want short bearded diabetics for their telly and film things. I know thats the trend in films at the moment so I’m sure to get something soon. Here it is:

For thems on Facebook where it just deletes video links as though there were never there, in some sort of covert CIA type way, here’s the direct link:

The other thing I did was another Dave cartoon strip. For anyone who didn’t see the last one, its here:

And here’s the new one:

Lastly, if you are worried about January being horribly miserable then why not come along to this:

Yes its terrible self-promotion, but its my blog and I can cry if I want to. I don’t want to cry, I’m relatively happy. So instead I harass you with links for things. I’m now going to do more work.