I blogged about music yesterday and I realised that I probably don’t blog about it enough. This is odd as I’m a very big music fan and if somebody threatened to take either comedy or music away from me, I would probably cope less well without music. Actually that’s crap. I wouldn’t cope if someone took either of those things away from me. Or if they took cheese, my xbox, Layla (yes she has only come third, and now I feel guilty. I could edit that but I won’t, if only to speed up my own demise), my vocal chords, insulin, spaghetti and lots of other things. Essentially I could never survive in a forest by myself. If anyone did try to take all those things away from me, I would get pretty damn angry and want to know why and what on earth they thought they were doing? Then I would call the police. Although if someone stole all the music and comedy I doubt the police would be able to handle such a fiend, and it would require the skills of a superhero, but a slightly silly one like Bananaman. Anyway. I like music, a lot. Far too much of my time and money has been spent on music and as such I own more CDs than a man should and have far more debt from buying CDs than a man should too. The problem is I keep finding different music I like, whilst still liking music I used to like too. With the exception of most garage. Recently me and Layla bought a garage compilation CD to reminisce about when we were 15-16 and enjoyed clubbing to that sort of thing. All I can say is I must have been mostly deaf during that time. Sometimes things like that are better left a memory. Not all of it though. Armand Van Helden’s remix of Sneaker Pimps ‘Spin Spin Sugar’ is amazing. If I wrote my blog honestly, I would constantly be putting names of tracks in as thats often how I think, by imagining or listening to certain tracks while thinking of things. Right now I’m listening to Lambert Hendricks and Ross, and oddly I am typing much quicker than I normally do. Thanks jazz.

The reason I thought I’d bring this up, is because of two main reasons. One is that after writing this blog every day for very nearly a whole year now, I’ve only just figured out how to add photos and videos to it. I know this makes me mostly a luddite, but it was because previously I thought words were enough for a blog. Really they are, but its much better when you have words followed by a picture. Like this:


See thats much better than me just saying it. And it proves I’m not a luddite. Luddites wouldn’t survive in todays world very well anyway. Even in attempting to organise a meeting of Luddites.

Dave Luddite: ‘Lets have a meeting about smashing some machines!’
Fred Luddite: ‘Yes, lets. You text Sam and I’ll text Barry…..shit.’

The second reason I wanted to talk about music is because I noticed on my drive home last night that it has got to the point of year where I have to listen to different things to what I listen to during the summer and spring. It probably changed a few weeks ago, but generally during summer I listen to a lot of funk, upbeat hip-hop, old school Brit pop, Cuban jazz and lots of happy summer type music. But now its hit winter I have automatically switched to Tom Waits, Nick Drake, Radiohead, darker hip-hop like classic Wu-Tang, jazz and film soundtracks. Not entirely sure what the reason is for this, as it should be that I want to uplift myself by listening to happy things when its miserable, instead I wallow in winter’s misery. Actually there is one exception to this which is the James Brown’s Funky Christmas album which I may start listening to in about two weeks time, but not before then. Its the only Christmas album I will condone, as it doesn’t make me want to stick my fingers down my throat when hearing it. Unlike things such as Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas is you’, a track that instantly gives me the urge to kill things in the face. Its not so much the horrible terrible vomit inducing sentiment of it all, as the complete lie that she sings. If on Christmas day I turned up to Carey’s house dressed in nowt but some wrapping paper and a bow, I doubt she’d be that pleased.

So the entire purpose of all this is to put some tracks up over the next few weeks that you should all enjoy. Here is today’s one:

and to completely counteract their happiness, here is one I wrote about a few weeks ago:

Look at me. I’m so in the future.

Last night’s gig rocked muchly, despite my initial resistance to leave the house. The student of Bucks Uni are ace. Ali Cook closed and did his brilliant but difficult to watch ‘eating razors’ trick. Everytime I see it, I feel a little bit queasy. Speaking to him afterwards he had an actual slice by his lip which seemed all wrong. I’m scared one I’ll see him and he’ll look a bit like the joker. I told the audience that if they feel like they have a hair in the back of their throat, that is not the way to deal with it.

Also We Need Answers was on last night. It was brilliant. If you haven’t seen it, search for it on iPlayer now and rectify such things.

That’s all folks.