Yes We Can. But Mostly You Can.

Its my last day/night off today until 4th December. Yes, thats right, I’m a hella busy Tiernan. Anyway, I intend to use this day properly with a trip to see my tiny Nana – that’s grandma not banana – and then making onion soup. Tha’s right I’m frikkin’ rock and roll. So basically I can’t be arsed to write shit all for this blog today. Then I realised, why is it always up to me to write this bloody blog. Why don’t you do some work for once? No one ever comments, so I’ve decided today that you can all comment on whatever you like at the bottom of this blog. Go nuts. Have a creative Sunday. The wiser of you will realise I’m being a hugely lazy bastard. The less wise will get excited that I’ve given you a project. The really stupid can’t read anyway and just like the pretty colours.

Here’s some quick thoughts from yesterday to get you started:

I saw a concrete mixing van with the company name ‘Jim’ll Mix It’. These people deserve a prize.

I have decided the people of Gloucester are called Gloucesterfarians. They are not, but I say they are.

I would find it hilarious and also saddening if when Muslim people died they went to Mecca Bingo.

It’s not easy being heckled by someone who has learning difficulties. Especially when their heckles are particularly shit. I asked ‘Are you well?’ and he said ‘No, I’m James.’ God I wanted to slay him.

Its got cold. Somebody said the cold was biting. I find this concept terrifying and so have decided not to shower today so that when the cold does bite it gets a horrible taste in its mouth.

Right, now your go:

3 thoughts on “Yes We Can. But Mostly You Can.

  1. Well, you don't actually know what the cold would like to bite. It might hate clean people, their unnatural smell/taste of soap and prefer natural dirty people, so you might be bitten worse!

  2. I don't get many comments on my blog either, but then I hardly ever update it so I think most of my erstwhile regular readers have found more rewarding things to do. Of course all of that is a pathetically unsubtle way of queueing up a plug for my blog (READERS! dump Tiernan's blog and head on over to It's not as good as his and hardly ever gets updated, and when it does the update is just as crap as the other stuff that's already there, but you know what they say: a change is as good as a rest.I ride a motorbike so my Biting Cold Strategy is to cover my body in biteproof material. Working OK so far but the constant donning and undonning gets a bit tiresome.Got Man Utd. v Chelsea on the TV as I write this. Twenty minutes gone and no score yet. Boring. Counting down the minutes until G&T o'clock!

  3. there's a clothes-ironing shop near my house called "iron maidens"and i'm pretty sure there's a van for jim'll mix it always parked a few streets down from me, maybe it's a pretty big company..

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