A Not Very Good Blog

I have a lot of things to blog about today but my brain is 100% not complying with what I want it to do. As you read, this is the 4th incarnation of today’s blogging attempt and as yet I’m already unhappy with it but laziness is insisting I keep typing this time otherwise it will never be finished. I would suggest to any first time readers of today’s blog, to go back and read some from previous days where I was not feeling brain damaged. I blame the rather excessive amount of sleep I’ve had which rather than make me feel great has made me slower than a slug stuck on the M25 during rush hour. But, you would say, a slug wouldn’t have problems on the M25 as it would just go under all the cars. Not when two lanes are closed due to an accident, that’s all I can say. Anyhow, I did properly sleep like a log last night. Not in a forest or fireplace, which is where logs sleep, if they do in fact sleep merely being the off cut of a larger plant. Its an odd term ‘slept like a log’ and you would think there would be better things to relate that too. For example, a hibernating bear or someone who had overdosed on sleeping pills. Either of those would make sense. So once again, like a cheat I will just bullet point today’s agenda. Lets go team:

– Portsmouth last night was brilliant. Truly lovely gig and I rambled on for at least 45 minutes which was much fun. If you live near or in Portsmouth then go to this gig ‘cos its great: http://www.blackcatcomedy.com/

– Despite how much I loved the gig, Portsmouth itself is much further away than it should be. I keep stumbling across places like this. Places that, mile-wise are not too far at all, but do to having roads that were designed by someone with using a gyroscope and a hatred for more than one lane, are blooming miles away. Portsmouth, sort it out and get nearer.

– Its the 40th anniversary Monty Python’s Flying Circus today. By far one of the most influential comedy shows of all time and one that still has the ability to send me into fits of giggles when I see certain sketches. Absolutely love it, and I remember first being shown it by my parents and watching in awe as there was no attempt to be at all sensible or sensical. Just absolute comedy mayhem and madness, something that had only really been done by the Goons before except Python took it to the next level being on the telly. The first article I read this morning was this one by John Walsh (via @charltonbrooker on the Twitterverse) :


I urge you to read it then write abuse at the bottom. The man is a fool. Yes some bits will age, as they were made 40 years ago. But to criticise them by saying ‘ Would any comedy writer today name-drop so many historical names…?’ is ridiculous. No they wouldn’t, but that’s because BBC or any other channel wouldn’t let them because the state of television has become so dumbed down they would be worried viewers wouldn’t get it. Its why even Jennifer Saunders was quoted saying this when speaking of why her and French weren’t making any more TV shows:


Terrible times. I hope that the TV is going to be inundated with Python over the next few days which will completely show up all other comedy on TV at the moment.

– I’m doing Happy Mondays tonight at the Amersham Arms in New Cross. Its a brilliant gig, in a brilliant venue. You should come along. Details are here: http://www.showandtellcomedy.com/happymondays/

I said I had lots of things to say. I lied. I only had those four. The rest of today until gig time, shall be spent watching the DVD of We Need Answers series 1, in preparation for my warm up work on series two later this week. I love having a job where watching DVD’s you like is considered a working day.

Sorry for lame blog. Tomorrow my writing hat shall be back on. Until then, read this as it made me laugh for ages and ages:


oh and this one: