Tubular Balls

In 50 minutes I have to be somewhere that on a normal day would be only 15 minutes away. I have a feeling today it will take much much longer than that thanks to the tube strike. It is also partly thanks to the fact that currently I am sitting in my dressing gown at the computer typing this, instead of making any kind of effort to get there on time. I am creating my own downfall of the day by typing about the downfall of my day. Partly this makes me feel like I control my own fate. I am some sort of master of destiny. Just a very unexcited one that excels in pushing back the time when I have to walk a bit in the rain then shout at tubes that aren’t working properly. The Emperor from Star Wars would have lacked in some menace if he had said ‘ It is your destiny….to get soaked in the rain then irritate others with your lateness.’ One day they will make a film where underwhelming moments are highlighted with dramatic music and dark lighting. A man looking at his car wheel to notice its slightly deflated. Cue the Imperial March. A women opening her handbag to find that inside is a squashed banana. Cue the slashing music from Psycho. It’d be terrifying.

I should really go and stop typing. BLOG COP OUT, sorry. Quickly though, know this:

– Last night’s Fat Tuesday was brilliant. Go and see Jon Richardson’s and Zoe Lyons’ shows in Edinburgh this year.

– I love bagels!

– Tonight I’m doing this. If you are in London and not scared about lack of transport, please come along:


And now, into the rain….