Painting the town red (or rather, room white)

We have to give the bedroom a new coat of white paint today. ‘Have to’ you might think is too strong a term for something like painting a room. Really you never ‘have to’ paint a room, unless you are being held hostage by a psycho Lawrence Llewyln Bowen who says he will kill your family unless you change all the rooms for him. One day he will snap and that will happen. Other than that though, there is little urgency to these things. Unless like us we had set this date in stone to repaint the bedroom and that means that when it rolled around Layla’s need to redecorate and do home improvements means that we do ‘have to’ paint the bedroom. It does need a repaint. At the moment the walls are white with a tiny tint of blue. That tint of blue makes things a little darker and more depressing than they should be. Its a rare day I feel unhappy but when I step into our bedroom I may have a little sigh of ‘oh dear’ just because of the blue walls. Its because of this I said we should paint the room global hyper colours as people who wear those always seem happy no matter how unfortunate they are. And if they wear global hyper colours then they are pretty unfortunate. As a far more sensible plan though, we are just painting the walls white. So instead of being sightly depressing it will just seem like we live in a mental institute, or a doctor’s waiting room. Both of which I think will really improve our moods at all times.

I did very little with my day yesterday, even though I really have loads to do. I wanted to do work towards my Edinburgh show, which really really needs work, and an old fashioned telephone. That’s all it needs. I also wanted to try and sort myself out a few more gigs for the month so I can eat, but instead of either of these things I watched a Wire marathon of 5 episodes, with a Stewart Lee interlude to make sure I don’t dream only in Baltimore slang. Oddly enough I started to doze off, when I eventually went to bed, with images of Lee busting mid-level players on the corners of Western Baltimore. I often worry I get far too influenced by TV. I decided to stay up late and try and get some work done after all the lazy TV slobbery but instead I ended up on Omegle again, wasting my life away talking to strangers.

I love the fact that I’ve always been told never to talk to strangers but the more and more I go on Omegle expecting to meet idiots, I am consistently surprised at the kindness of strangers. Last night I indulged in a chat with an American women who had very sensible political views, wasn’t religious, liked Eddie Izzard and knew where England was. I was so shocked and at the same time very pleased. I always knew there were Americans like that and have infact met quite a few before, but I didn’t expect to meet anyone remotely sensible on a networking site based on anonymity. It was one of those few moments that gave me hope in the world, that made me think perhaps humankind is ok and lovely. Then I started another chat and the person straight away type ‘YOU FUCKING DICKBAG’ and I disconnected, all illusions shattered.

Back to gigging tomorrow so I should enjoy this laziness while I can. Tomorrow I will start once again to work on material in my newly white bedroom where hopefully the blankness of the walls will provoke some thinking. If that doesn’t work the smell of paint will knock me out which should at least stop me feeling guilty about it for a few hours.