Will Powerless

I had some fairly good intentions to go jogging this morning. I spent most of last week and the weekend deciding that today would be the day that I threw my currently unhealthy lifestyle in the bin of history and went for a well paced jog. Then I spent all of last night fighting with my computer and woke up this morning feeling tired and shit like everyday. Its terrible how weak my willpower is. Its something I wish I had more of. In the past that lack of willpower has got me trying to sleep in a skip because someone had said ‘come on, just one more drink’ and instead of saying no I caved in. Its that lack of willpower in my last few weeks of my first year at uni I spent my remaining money on the Indiana Jones box set instead of food and eat only beans for a week and a half. Now, that lack of willpower is not letting me be healthy. I’d quite like to do something about it, but I have a feeling my lack of willpower won’t let me. 

Another lack of willpower has lead me to enter the English Comedian of the Year competition. I hate competitions, and I haven’t been in one for at least 3 years now. I got talked into it by a couple of other comics who told me the caliber of acts that have entered and to be fair, it seems like it will be of a much higher standard than a new act comp. This does not stop it being a competition though and I hate that for several reasons. I don’t like stand-up as a competition. My favourite thing is being part of a night where every act is different and the crowd can enjoy each act for their own merit. How can you compare Tim Vine with Glenn Wool for example? Two very different comics and both great at what they do. Setting acts against each other is never nice. I also don’t like it because I have to do a 7 minute set tonight. I haven’t done that brief a set in yonks. I like to waffle away on tangents and 7 minutes doesn’t really allow for that, which is probably why I haven’t got anywhere in competitions before. Or it could be that everyone else was better than me. Either way, its not great. At least all the organisers are nice, hopefully there will be other nice acts there to have a pint with and tonight’s heat is only a 20 minute journey from my house. 40 if I jogged, but I wont. 
Layla came back yesterday all tired and hungover from her weekend. We eat a big curry and then she fell asleep on the sofa which was probably for the best as I spent about 4 hours fighting with imovie. Now ever since buying a mac I have been an advocator of its easiness and brilliance. Never before has anything mac made my life difficult, until this weekend. For some reason it didn’t seem to want to copy my dvd, of me, onto my computer, then allow me to edit me. I downloaded four different programs, tried about 11 different tactics as found by google and only at about 3am did I finally work out a way. This is not the future. I hope that in 10 years time Hal will just do it all for me. In reality Hal will probably just say ‘There has been a problem importing your clips’. And then the engines will fail and the coolant system will collapse because of lack of memory and the whole spaceship will crash thanks to imovie. 
I finally managed to do it and clip one is here (clip two and maybe three should be up later): http//:bit.ly/DWtjG
They will also be up on the website soonish, which has now had a nice amount of visitors. One of them has visited my website from South Korea which I find very exciting. Its probably an accident but I like to think that either its someone traveling who just needs to see my gig list out of love for my funnies, or that someone in Korea has stumbled on my site and slowly slowly I will take South Korea by storm until I am elected as their king and I have to fight Kim Jong Il with pugil sticks for control of the North. As I said though, it was probably by accident.